Pro Topic Videos - Clarification

Hello @jakey and Friends,

I just wanted to request some clarification on gaining access to PRO TOPIC VIDEOS. Initially, I understood that that joining this forum and making it to a trusted level 2 or 3 (cannot remember which-hope level 2 :wink:), that we then would gain access to those videos.

Then I read the following:

I excitedly looked for a donation option so I could gain access more quickly rather then waiting till I moved up to the required level. I had trouble finding how to donate but finally found this link:

However, it said “NOTE: Monetary donation option, currently disabled. Just support us with some sharing with friends, reviews, comments, and love! :wink:

The other option I’m aware of is to purchase on of your programs where the videos are included. A valuable and a definate sure fire way to gain access

Now my questions:

  • Are the videos made available once a certain level is reached on this forum? If yes, which level?

  • Is the donation option, in exchange for access to the Pro Topic videos still available? If yes, at what link? And/or what other type of donations are you interested in for such an exchange?

I figured there are many others, especially the newbees who are interested in your Pro Topic videos and may appreciate some clarification as well. Thanks in Advance for the clarifciation.


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Everything here, an ongoing process of evolving as we’re figuring out what works best.

Originally it was as you found before. Since then thoughI’ve been spending more time drawing a bit of a line of what’s necessary to make DIY reasonably feasible, and what’s “pro topic”, ie. optional (and result of long term trial and experimenting) that we can use as rewards for those opting to support these resources. Quite important since there’s ongoing pressure for “da stepz” and better tools, which means things like now for example having an iOS developer work on an app to make a lot of these concepts more accessible and usable.

And not any less costly to maintain, hence the need to encourage community support.

“Support” doesn’t have to involve money, hence forum option … but that didn’t really work well, so went to the donation option, which wasn’t used much at all, and ended up being more administrative / account effort than made sense.

So currently the pro topic video category is consolidated to be an optional part of ‘Le Rough Guide’.

And for sure, none of these are required to make all the 20/20 gains DIY style. I also keep adding to them as pro topic type questions come up. Also ironically perhaps these aren’t even free to me, since Vimeo charges me to host them. :joy:


Is this the number in the top left that’s puzzled me all along? I’ve seen no explanation yet.


From what I can figure out there seems to be a total of 5 levels. Take a look here.

Thank you @Jeanna. I had not seen that post.

I just made the post, I thought the topic would be helpful to others. It was something I wondered as well so I wanted to pass on what I learned.

Of the 3 forums I use this one has the best software.