🔐 Pro Topic Videos

The 30+ pro topic guide videos have been moved to our Vimeo showcase.

They are now part of the donation supported tier of endmyopia resources.

We’re doing this because Jakey’s drug and stripper habits are spiraling out of control and until we can get him into rehab … :laughing:

Of course not actually any of that.

But Google doesn’t like to give us free search result shoutouts quite as much anymore and in order to keep endmyopia growing, we now need to spend money. The donation supported tier is meant to give you a bit more structure of all things endmyopia, in exchange for either more participation on your end, or a donation to help support this resource. (and it seems, besides us nothing else is free - even for Vimeo we have to pay a monthly subscription fee)

All that said … everything you need is still available for free! Think of these resource as existing in addition to the hundreds of free guides and videos already on endmyopia.org.

If you do feel that you should have access to the videos for other contributions, just drop a line (jake at endmyopia dot you-know-what). You might for example have made improvement update videos, or otherwise added to public awareness, or helped out. Just let us know!

And of course, contributions in any form, always welcome (Le Rough Guide and options, here).

There’s also the endmyopia YouTube channel, with lots of topics freely available.


Apparently I don’t spend enough time with the evil screen to level up my trust… plus many of my contribution were removed with the Rough guide feed… oh well might have been nice to retain access for the occasional crash refresher but 7 months in I suppose I have enough committed to memory.

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I think @Laurens can fix it.

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So I went to check and all of the AI minions say that we clearly can’t trust ANYONE. :smiley:

(fixed that for you … no mal intent there, just the :robot: forum setup)


i wish i could find the video of low myopia blur adaptation I really need it .

@Khra The blur adaptation video is on youtube (hope this is the one you are looking for):


no i was looking for low myopia blur adaptation and i did manage to find it on vimeo
thanks anyways !