Progress from somewhere around -3

I’ve been slightly aware of endmyopia for almost 10 years and kind of following it for about 2 years. I never measured my eyes at their worst and have no idea what the first prescription I had was.

My experience is that my eyesight is pretty good now without correction in bright sunlight, and really bad indoors in low light particularly reading the image on a screen projector in church. I would say to correct adequately in church would take around -2, but I was able to read the finest print on the drivers license screening test wearing -1 lenses. Due to some mistake I again have no vision restriction on my drivers license although the DOT medical card is a different story.

I think I’m at a plateau, which outdoors feels like the last diopter, but really is somewhere around -2. Every few months I can tell that there are certain situations in which my vision has improved, while other situations seem stagnant.

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Low light is always going to be a bit behind decent lighting. As long as overall improvement happens, all good.

Thanks for the update! :slight_smile:

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As far as I’m concerned, the way things are right now, I can live life without any form of corrective lenses. Ideally, my eyeballs will eventually reshape to lose the roughly -1.5 they are now. But as is, I’m not blind without glasses.