Progress Report: I now do computer work naked 🙃

…naked eye-balls that is! :rofl:
I’m free from differentials now. WOOOOOOOOooooooo… (obnoxious sounds)

Some recap:
I started April 22, 2019 at L -2.0 (-0.75), R -2.5 (-0.75), full correction.
I dropped to L -1.5, R -1.5, normalized on 4/4/20 and dropped my differentials yesterday. Today, it was comfortable to work at my computer for a few hours without them (slightly blurry/ghosted at the edges of the screen).

I’m starting to notice that low-diopter grind kicking in… :worried:
I’ve especially noticed that the double vision is starting to take a long time to clear. It has been clear for a few days and then regressed for a few days, clear, regressed, etc. My eyes have done that cycle 3 times now… but I’m trying to remain patient!
Each time it regresses it seems different… It is double vision, but in a clearer way than last time. I can’t quite explain, but I think it is progress!




That’s excellent! I’m also dealing with the double vision/ghosting of improvements. Quite frustrating, even though a very good sign. Hope yours comes clear soon!


I agree! It is rather frustrating… but I try to remind myself that others have been through this before and succeeded so I can too!

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