Progression, again

Not in direction you thought, though.

Restarted again from contact lenses -8.50/-1.25x180.

Left eye has seen perfectly clear, right image was slightly blurred because of astigmatism corrected with “more Sph, less Cyl”.

Now, both eyes encounter triple vision on horizontal lines or the lines mentioned appear just blurred (sometimes clear black horizontal line lower and thick grey shadow upper).

With an older pair (-8.00/-1.75x180) of contact lenses, I seen 20/20 to 20/25-30, but now my vision in them is bare 20/30 or rather less.

I had some bad habits recently, however I don’t see them worsening my spherical equivalent by 0.5. Plus worsening of corneal and total astigmatism despite I move my eyes only up-down for months.

Tried to use only no correction or -7 glasses/contact lenses without astigmatism correction, but newer progression seem to persist. Maybe, there was a progression in axial length.

Update: satisfied with old -8.00/-1.75x180 contact lenses, less dry eyes and quite reliable vision as normalized. Not even comparable to -7 without astigmatism vision quality.

Mean cm measurements:
R -8.25/-2.50x180
L -8.50/-1.50x170-180

it’s kind of hard to get the essence of your posts - so what exactly was the progression? from what to what?

I hope this is not an insensitive question, but do you have an idea of what is causing your eyesight to worsen? Isn’t there a known treatment or something?

Form deprivation (dry eyes, squint when loaded with physical exercise) increases astigmatism and/or myopia.

Hyperopic defocus from SE, more sph less cyl may cause to progress as well.

Esophoria (constant crossed eyes thus accommodation while sleeping) leads to extra -0.5 diopters after sleep or in morning.

Bad habits (overcorrected close up) - 15-30 minutes 1 time out of week - really progression?

R 20/28 L 20/18 became R 20/30 L 20/40 in the same correction.

Also, look at “Hoya AR-580: …” post and add this post in top.

“Lighting?” Equal.
“Distance?” Exactly the same.