Prolonged active focus

It is something I’ve been doing for a few days and it feels efficient so I thought it was worth sharing.
Usually I relax in a sofa while doing active focus on my Snellen. Lately once I hold a good AF I maintain it for as long as possible obviously but then instead of eventually blinking and see blurry again I close my eyes and keep them shut for a 20 sec. It feels like the ciliary muscles stay relaxed under my eyelids. When I reopen it is still in focus or if not really easy to reach back. And I do that again and again. It feels good in a meditating way and in a deceiving way as it is like the blur is gone for good. :grin:

I highly recommend this trick but if you guys are already doing that regularly then I apologize for wasting your close up time on this post. :nerd_face:


it’s a good strategy. But 20 Seconds is too much time to waste while blinking. I think the best strategy is to operate at the edge of focus, so you don’t make too much effort to see clearly and still doing active focus.

It’s not so much blinking as I keep my eyes shut for a while. It is quite pleasant actually and feels like the AF last for ever (with open eyes and under the eye lids) not sure if I am clear on that one sorry :upside_down_face:

Oh I see what you mean now by edge of focus. I love distant AF I don’t know why but it is my favourite :blush:

I like your idea of closing of eyes for some seconds. I have tried this (for just a few seconds, not the full 20) while at edge of blur. Sometimes I loose clarity after blinking. I think that after this ‘rest’ I too am more easily able to open eyes and ‘maintain’ the focus I had. Thanks for the tip! Will try it in more and more situations now!

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I am so glad it helps you too. I really got the knack with AF with that method. I can achieve it anytime now without even trying :slightly_smiling_face: