Psychosomatic Illness, Eye Sensations, and Overthinking It

Hi all, since my little lame reddit battle with that two-thirds optometrist I had a few days ago: just want to share a few thoughts.

He was being rather lame and illogical on the whole (would link but I’m on mobile) but one point that did pique my attention was ‘you don’t know for 100% that EM is safe’. That’s correct, just like a lot of things we don’t know about, EM is in that category.

We can certainly hypothesize that EM is relatively safe since it’s works through a natural eye mechanism, and anecdotal evidence so far has found no crazy EM horror stories (educate me if there are lol). The only symptom appears to be improved vision.

Funnily enough, my eyes had felt better than ever with no issues up until the point I read that guys comment, and then I definitely went into a panicked frenzy. A reasonable one of course, EM is almost too good to be true: it just freaked me out to think ‘maybe there is some crazy danger to how fast my eyes are improving??’. Felt very stressed for the past two days as a result until my dad told me about the concept of psychosomatic illness, where stress and psychology creates very real physical symptoms despite no physical damage.

I was feeling my eyes a lot more over those past two days, felt a bit achey. Freaking out about sudden bursts of white light (spoiler alert, it was just a minor flash from the reflection in my glasses as I had moved my head a little) etc. Was certainly in a frenzy, but even then there was of course no real ‘pain’, just exaggerated sensations that I hadn’t felt before.

The icing on the cake is that I woke up today with tremendous baggy/puffy eyes. I’ve been sleeping normally. I mean, I’m messing around with my eyes, doing things the medical establishment doesn’t approve of and my eyes suddenly look like I’ve aged 20 years? Sent me nuts. I was getting all pseudoscientific worked up (is my aqueous humor LEAKING out of my eyeball because there’s less space now and it’s being absorbed into my bags??) In reality, it’s just the immense amount of stress I’ve put myself under over the past days thinking I was contributing to some eye disease when I’m not :slight_smile:

Endmyopia is a personal journey. Every day I’ve woken up my eyes have tangibly and materially improved. I think my fast rates of improvement are due to the fact Active Focus has become the default setting for my eyes (my ASMR sensations are gone though), my emphasis on distance vision for long periods of time and my age. It’s been so blazingly fast that I forgot to slow down a little. So I’m going to stay on my current reduction (OD -3.75 OS -2.50) until Saturday. I’ve booked myself a traditional shaman eye test on the 29th where they’ll check for actual nasty eye diseases like glaucoma or whatever, and when they more than likely tell me that I’ve got perfectly healthy eyes then I’ll have the rubber stamp approval on ‘there’s nothing wrong, quit worrying’. I’m not going to tell them about EM. If anything EM appears to give optometrists hardcore existential crises.

A friendly reminder to look into psychosomatic illness and realise the physical toll stress can take on your body. :slight_smile:


This pain is real. Your visual cortex ask you to stop. Next steps are headaches and anxiety. (sorry for my poor english)

Oh yes, never underestimate the power of the mind. The good thing is it works both way. The mind can creates pain and psychosomatic diseases but it can also heal you through positive thinking. This optometrist was clearly not helpful. Last time I saw one she said that reversing myopia could be a bad sign and she wanted to send me to the doctor! But obviously they are just scared of what they don’t understand so have faith and carry on. Your visual cortex is already grateful :blush:


How do you know? The ‘pain’ stopped when I stopped worrying about it. The first step is anxiety, the next step is ‘pain’. I have had no headaches throughout this.

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That’s awesome! I’m a huge believer in positive thinking. All the ‘pain’ has basically ceased now anyway. I really have to look into healing pain through thoughts, it sounds a bit hippylike on the outside but I bet it’s completely real and would be a great skill to learn. Thank you for the supportive words :slight_smile:


"since my little lame reddit battle with that two-thirds optometrist "

haha, I’m going to use that expression in other descriptions of people who claim to be knowledgeable in fields! Two-thirds! :rofl:


Optometrists should also be able to adapt to market demands, clients needs like ever other industry. And not be so existential about pushing one thing. Stress is one of the things that freezes you up to agree to that. But I find the scientific approach of EM less stressful. And I want rid of the tension inside the eye. How psychosomatic is that? The jaw, occipital and eyes is all connected. Very important!


Haha, since my official eye checkup at a real optometrist he confirmed my optic nerve and eye pressure are completely healthy. Stress just completely vanished now too. What a great state of affairs :slight_smile:


Yes, it is real. It is called neuroplasticity. You can find more information on this topic by reading the book titled “The Brain’s Way of Healing” written by Norman Doidge, MD. There is also a chapter on vision improvement. I think you will like it.

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