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I’m just starting my journey now. I introduced myself earlier in the introduction section. I have some experience with active focus, but am by no means an expert. I am looking to order some glasses online in the near future.

My vision is currently at:
Right: -3.75 sph, -0.25 cyl
Left: -3.00 sph, -1.00 cyl
I just got it tested by a doctor yesterday, and I’m confident that the measurements are good.

The glasses that I was wearing were an old prescription that had -1.50 cylinder for both eyes. I think that was definitely an overprescription. The change shocked the doctor a bit and so he looked at my eyes using a corneal topography machine and said my eyes looked very dry, but not misshapen, maybe a little bit my left eye. So I’m thinking about dropping the astigmatism correction altogether. I think my eyes should be able to adjust.

I am also thinking equalizing now wouldn’t be bad, since my eyes are already so close in prescription. So the prescription that I’m looking at is -3.50 for both right and left eyes for normalized and -2.00 for differentials, no astigmatism correction. Does this idea seem reasonable?


Good to hear the eye doctor is looking out for you and checked your corneas.

What matters is if it seems reasonable to you - you get to make your own diopter decisions on EM. The general advice is to use differentials for a while and only then decide on norms, in case one makes quick gains initially. On the other hand, if your current glasses are overprescribed in cylinder, it might be a good idea to stop using them fairly soon. It is your call. Good luck!

My advice is that you learn to measure your own eyes very carefully, both naked cm distances to blur and 6m Snellen lines. You will need these skills as you move on your journey of reductions. There is plenty of information on this both on the website and the forum.

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Thank you for the advice.

I live in a small apartment and don’t really have a place to put a 6m chart right now, but I checked my eyesight today this morning with the 3m Snellen chart and did the centimeters to blur test. With a lot of difficulty and without being able to hold it, I was able to clear up the 20/40 line enough to read it. I actually cleared the 20/30 line up enough to read the letters with one mistake.

With the distance to blur, I tested 30 centimeters, which would be -3.25 diopters. That seems about right to me. I know I was overly tense when I got my vision tested which probably skewed the prescription a bit. I’m going to order my first glasses at -3.25 both eyes, no astigmatism correction and differentials at -1.75. I will see how this works out and will give an update once my eyes start adapting to the new glasses.

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