Pushing my eyes

hey , i am kumkum. and i started doing active focus , it’s going great. but now after 4 weeks . i am feeling my eyes a little heavy ( just like something is pushing my eyes) and also dry sometimes. is it ok??.

and also i frequently change my differentials and normalized ?. is it bad to do.?. i mean should i give some time when i’ll switch from differentials to normalized.

It is possible you are pushing too hard with active focus, It takes some time for the eyes to adjust to new demands, so it is best to ease into it. You should be fine with switching between your normz and diffs, in fact you shouldn’t even need to give it time in between.
If your discomfort continues you might consider a trip to the ophthalmologist for an eye health check.
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As @Lloydmom says too, it is quite common that people unknowingly also activate some muscles, or the whole experience is just very new and makes people very enthusiastic to push for gains. Take it easy. Don’t forget to breath and relax your posture, your shoulders, your neck, your jaws and soften your eyes.

You should be fine with switching but some people find it good to have a short glasses-free break especially when changing from normz to diffs.

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yes , this was the problem.
when i used to blink my eyes to clear up. i used to close them forcely.
but now it’s all fine thankyou

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