🎥 Q&A: Need Glasses Again After LASIK - Can I Still Improve My Eyesight?

Since this LASIK question comes up regularly, here’s a video on what’s up:


Great video!

Very good idea to stop and address the trust issue first. It’s frightening how many people look for answers from trustworthy-looking people before taking a few steps back and thinking for a moment.

Though the hint doesn’t work on me, because I trust people more when they challenge their own trustworthiness. Reverse psychology! :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, the more I think about these anti-spoonfeeding approaches, the more I understand how valuable they are. Churning out personal diopter advice etc. wouldn’t reduce the amount of obedient sheep. When I tried giving people advice about glasses, I learned firsthand that the Endmyopia stance is spot-on. The more you spoonfeed, the more people try to outsource responsibility for their own eyes, which doesn’t work at all.


Oh yes!
I just tell them: look it’s easy, you need 2 pairs of glasses, change your habits a bit and that’s all. And you need to understand for yourself. If you’re too lazy to read, your’re just not motivated enough so no sense in trying (or me waisting time on you).

I really like the new jingle sound at the end, btw :rofl:
Though I do miss the landscape / every day pictures a bit.

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The sound at the end is me meowing from the eye yoga video. :joy:

I do want to have little bits of video of the surrounding days. Been even carrying a GoPro around but things lately haven’t been that visually interesting, and I’ve just managed to upload very quick videos on occasion. Excuses! Will hopefully get back to the extra footage again soon.


Good video! I actually had a discussion with someone today about lasik. The lady said she was too old to try to reverse it and was just going to have the surgery. I’m thinking about sending her the link for this. But, she might just not be motivated and it would fall on deaf ears.

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The trust perspective is so relevant when you approach this topic with people. They went to their doctors with a trusting mindset, looking for someone to take care of their problem without questioning. And if you drop the truth bomb by explaining how their cure causes more of the problem, you see them getting very defensive. How could this person I trusted do harm to me? It’s just not possible right? They won’t listen to anything when coming from this mindset, no matter how rational and sound it is.
I love how endmyopia encourages questioning the dogma and being educated about the topic, taking the responsibility in your hands.

Speaking of lasik, when the topic comes up with people, you often get the “I have this friend/cousin/uncle/whatever who did it and s/he’s SO HAPPY about it and never had problems!” comment.
And in my partner’s family there’s this uncle who is brought up every time you talk about eyesight (most people in the family are myopic), because he had teh lazers done many years ago and he’s so happy about it… Then last week we were at dinner with another aunt and the grandma, and the topic somehow came up again, but this time grandma said “but you know, he got emergency surgery recently because he got suddenly blind and they had to fix the back of his eye”. General shock followed. I tried to explain a couple of things about why it happened, and then they proceeded to blame high blood pressure, as apparently the doctor said something about pressure, and there I gave up. :weary:


Oh dear. That goes to show, it‘s really hard to break confirmation bias.


@Annarosa Anecdotal evidence is one of my favorite logical fallacies. :smiley: