Question about reading glasses

Hello everyone, I am currently wearing contact lenses for distance and reading glasses on top of it for close up. My contact lenses right now get me to about 20/25 and when I wear my reading glasses that are supposed to be +1.00 I can get to 20/70. Does that sounds about right for close up or should I change to a lower diopter reading glasses?

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20/25 = -0.25D and 20/70 = -1.25D so pushing you back exactly by +1.00D.
So the reading glasses are correctly carved :slightly_smiling_face:

However, the purpose of the reading glasses over the contacts is to serve as differentials. Differentials are used for close up work (not for Snellen or distance vision).
If your close up work is in front of the screen how far can you move from the screen without struggling to read the text? Where is the point where you get the slightest blur?
Can you keep at least an arm’s distance from the monitor with good posture during your working hours and does it become blurry if you move back an additional 5 or 10 cms?

More on the blur measurement here:

Thanks I think I needed to hear that :slight_smile:

I am trying to use bigger monitors now so that I can place them a bit further in front of me, and this pair of glasses works well for that. Just to make sure I am not messing anything up, would you say more distance (between me and the screen/book) for typical close-up work is always better for the eyes?

Definitely. If you are closer to the screen or book, you are “tunneling” your vision. If you are further away, your peripheral vision won’t be clear but adds so much to the overall vision and you will be more likely to move your eyes more. Less zooming into what’s right in front of you.
Most of us agree on this in the EM forum.

Note: more distance should not be a distance that gives you too much blur. Set it at a comfortable distance. Edge of blur, inside edge of blur. A distance you can maintain for a longer period of time without struggle.