Question for Jake and EndMyopia Community

Dear Jake and EndMyopia Community,

This is my first time posting so I hope this post will serve both as a quick introduction a question.

To start, I am around a -2, -2.5 (it fluctuates) prescription in both eyes, and I’ve been wearing contact lenses since I was 10 (I am 20 now). My question is whether the EndMyopia method of using progressively weaker lenses can be achieved with contacts. I’d do the same method as those wearing glasses-- progressively lowering and normalizing diopters-- but I’d do it with contacts instead of glasses. And when I read or do close-up work, I’ll use plus lenses to cancel out my minus prescriptioned contacts.

Is this okay?

Thank you Jake and the EndMyopia community for such a great place to take responsibility for our own eyesight. God bless you all and I hope you all achieve what you are looking for.

If you can dream it, you can believe it. Persistent but patient. Never back down.


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Yes, people make it work with contacts. What you’re describing sounds OK.

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Welcome to the community.

I was a long time contact lens user and using the reduced contacts method sounds fine. (Though I changed to glasses for other reasons)

But as I see it (and just my opinion) why the requirement for plus lens? As I see it, contacts would be crutch no 1 and plus lenses crutch no 2. Remove the contacts for close-up work, no?

If you feel you would really require them, I would strongly urge you to go through Jake’s blogs and videos to understand how/ when to use them.

Most of the plus lens users here know what they are doing but occasionally there are newcomers who get carried away and then have issues with too many focal changes/ double vision etc.

All the best to you in your journey :+1: and looking forward to your updates.

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Depending on your lifestyle it may only be convenient to put in contact lenses once per day. If you’re at home or have a sink and your bottles of lens solution handy, maybe you can take them out and put them in more often.


Contacts were so convenient for me (and I assume for most contacts wearers) that, to wear them, I could toss them in the air and catch them with my bare eyes (jk :sunglasses::grimacing:)

At work, I used to carry a spare lens case with liquid in my pocket so that I could dump my lens in them when I wanted. Which I hardly did because they never troubled me.

And nowadays if one is working from office, then sanitizers/ soaps are everywhere. At home, one can keep it on/ near the desk. Plus can be avoided (that’s just my thinking) for this particular reason.

For avoiding strain due to lots of closeup, is another matter.


If you are working / studying from home then don’t wear the contact lenses indoors at all. Pop them in when you leave home and remove them when you are back.
If you are not working / studying from home then the contacts + plus glasses can work. Test it with cheap reading glasses. Later you may want to consider ordering prescription reading glasses for better quality - e.g. from Zenni.

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