Questions for optometrist

Hi All,

I have an optometrist appointment coming up the end of the month. I am going to attempt to see how willing she is to help me reduce my prescription in my differentials by offering to buy my lenses through her (will still order new frames through online as i need a second pair of frames). My prescription is quite wonky at this point but I’m trying to practice some good habits now before going in and have decided to wear my glasses almost exclusively instead of my contact lenses from now on. I’m hoping it may result in a less wonky prescription when I go to get my eyes checked with her (may be wishful thinking but its worth a shot right?).

I already told the receptionist that I would like to start with a clean slate when i come in. Id like to see if what she measures me as is more or less from my glasses prescription that i have. As in, she is NOT getting my glasses and is NOT getting my prescription from me and as I’m a new client she has no history with me.

I want to approach her and see if she is willing to help me with my first set of differentials as well as explore what happens when we swap cyl for sph in my right eye (-5.75 sph -3.25 cyl current prescription based on last summer).

I definitely get eye fatigue doing close up. Id have to say its more pronounced when i wear my contacts but its still there with my glasses. So I’m thinking of approaching it from this angle.

I dont want to put her off by sounding too conspiracy theory (ist) or by making her feel like im demeaning her in anyway.

Have any of you approached your optometrists? how did you word your questions? What sorts of things did you talk with them about? Just trying to get ideas on how to word things so i dont put them off right out the gate.



My advice is not to force it.

The old joke “finding a good optometrist is like doing a fart. If you force it its probably shit” kind of thing.
Any pushback or negative vibes or arrogance and I would just move onto the next one.

The primary goal is just to get what you want. Not to enlighten them. So I would just lead with exactly what you need and if they’re unwilling I’d give up on talking about any myopia reversal etc.

I’m looking forward to hearing how it went. I thought of doing the same, but in the end, I didn’t have the guts to expose my improvement plan.

I decided instead to alternate between two local optometrists so that I get measurements from two different people/offices, and neither of them figures them that I get more frequent checkups than the recommended frequency :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the responses. Yes, with trepidation I will ask for what I want and hope that she is favorable. I think I will start with asking for her to give me my full prescription based on her examination and take it from there. If she isnt super keen i will back off and try to figure it out by myself.
I like the idea of going back and forth between the two optometrists. The one im going to see is 1.5 hours away and the other is right in town so maybe I can use both and see how it goes.

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Yes great to hear.
If they’re your first pair, a good trick is to say that you need them for computer work and you’ve been getting headaches when using a computer. They’ll understand that you dont need full prescription for near-work. Thats worked for me every time I’ve needed to go to an optometrist.

Thanks! I will try that! Its sort of the truth. I do much more book reading throughout the days but that would be kind of the same thing!