Questions from a low myope starting his EM journey

Hey there, im shrey, and im starting my EM journey… I’ll just be sharing my vision habits and asking for your advice in this thread…

A Little Background

Im 16 years old, was prescribed -0.5 R and -1.00 L around 2 years ago, since then I’ve done almost 10-12 hours a day of screen time (things are really hectic for students here in india)… Back then, my opthalmologist prescribed me -0.5 R and -0.75 L (-0.25 undercorrection in my left eye)… In the last two years, I stared at a laptop screen for 10-12 hours a day WITH MY GLASSES ON (feel like kicking myself for this now).

Situation Right Now

A month ago, I noticed my outdoor vision was slightly worse, started googling, and found EM. A week ago, I visited my opthalmologist, and my new prescription was -0.5 R -1.25 L, I was surprised as I thought my eyes had gotten much worse. She then checked my old glasses and found that I had actually been using -0.5 R -0.5 L glasses for the last two years instead of the prescribed -0.5 R -0.75 L (which itself had an undercorrection). I called up the store and they then confirmed that they had accidentally given the wrong lens for the left eye. If I lived in the US, I probably could’ve sued them for a lot of money, but no one really cares in india. They however were very apologetic and have offered to make me 3 new glasses for free anytime I want.

Current Habits

1.Currently, I go for a jog in the morning 5:45 AM to 7:15 AM and in the night 9:30 PM to 11:00 PM.
I AF all the time while jogging, and its helping a lot.
2.Screen time is about 6-7 hours, on a laptop which I keep around 60 cm away from my face.
3. I don’t wear my specs during the day at all, except when I’m at school and sitting at the last bench.
4.I don’t wear my specs when im studying on my laptop too, and wear them only during my nightly jog or if my eyes get tired.
6. I sleep around 6 hours during the night, and an hour during the afternoon (I know 8 hours is ideal for a 16 year old, but i dont really feel the need to sleep any more than 7 hours).

Changes in diet

Since 2 months ago, I’ve completed changed my diet, I consume spinach/other green leafy vegetables twice a day and meat/eggs once. I’ve stopped eating any kind of junk food, and have a lot of vegetables.

Some Questions

  1. I know my myopia is on the lower end of spectrum, and im fine without glasses, but I just wanna get rid of them since I stumbled onto EM… Can anyone give me a rough estimate of how long I would take to get back to 20/20 with my current lifestyle?

  2. Were the undercorrected glasses I accidentally got a blessing in disguise? (I cant find any other explanation for my vision deteriorating so slightly with my shi*ty lifestyle for 2 years)

  3. My vision has improved extremely fast in a month, will it keep improving at this rate or will improvement slow down eventually? (I read somewhere that vision improvement is faster in kids)

  4. Does diet actually help with vision? I dont know the answer to this, but my personal experience has been that it helps quite a lot (I have been consuming a vitamin A rich diet)

  5. My opthalmologist told me to wear my glasses all the time, even when studying on the laptop, she said I might develop astigmatism if I didnt do so… Is this true? (She is not the evil type, she’s a family friend, and had given me an undercorrection the last time… I believe she genuinely cares about my vision)

  6. I dont know if this is AF or not, but if I look at a faraway object and just blink hard once, everything clears up immediately, this always happens, i can control it at will… I can hold it for about 10 seconds, then bring clear vision back by blinking again. Is this a sign of improvement?

  7. Should I make any other changes to my lifestyle or adopt any other habits? (I just want to get rid of my specs completely and never need them again)

  8. Could I have pseudomyopia? (I am a bit doubtful about this as I have had myopia for 2 years, is it possible for pseudomyopia to last so long)

  9. How can I decrease the difference between my left and right eye? (My opthal told me patching isn’t very effective at my age, she said its mostly done for small kids with ambylopia, and most people dont benefit from it)

FInally, A huge thanks to Jake for everything!.. A small tip for improvement would be to do more podcasts, they are absolutely amazing and motivate me a lot due to the more personal feel.

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That is a lot of questions… Welcome to the community. I am going to tell you out the gate we are pretty careful to not advise minors here, hopefully your parents are aware of you intention… Next, even for those who are not minors we must insist that everyone do their own learning, if you struggling to find answers to your questions let me introduce you to a feature designed to help you do just that: Introducing the EM Chatbot - YouTube while you are there have a look around my channel it is largely intended for new members of the method. It sounds like you have already made a lot of positive changes.

It’s possible but hard to say for sure.

She only knows what she was taught.

This is not the best means to achieve AF, the hard blink is too much manipulation, the eye should be permitted to achieve focus on it’s own. Try this video for tips: A little help with Active Focus - YouTube
Best Wishes


Although good habits will help you improve your eyesight, some people don’t change their (poor) lifestyle but still see improvements. This is not encouraging you to quit your good habits, just something to let you know that sometimes your eyes will improve on their own. Everyone improves at a different rate but in your case, if we would apply the improvement rate of 1 diopter a year, it’s possible for you to have 20/20 vision in around a year or so. (Don’t let this discourage you, some people have to wait a decade or more to get to 20/20).

I’m pretty sure age does not affect improvement rate. It is extremely common to improve quickly in the beginning regardless of age. And yes, improvement slows down as you get closer to 20/20.

Good luck!

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I think so.

I don’t know but improvement is better than no improvement. Keep doing what’s working!

I’m a huge believer in diet and exercise improving all aspects of your life.

It’s true in the sense that you might develop astigmatism no matter what you do (just like you might become President of Coca Cola or you might decide to live in France), but I’m not aware of any research showing that astigmatism is caused by not wearing distance eyeglasses to look at a computer screen.

That sounds like improvement to me!

I’m reading a bunch of non-EM sources right now, and things that seem to be non-controversial are getting lots of outdoor time (preferably in the sun), limiting your screen time or keeping the screen as far away from your face as you can. If I were you I’d use one of your free pairs of glasses to have a weak pair of reading glasses for use at the computer if you use a phone or laptop that limits your ability to push the screen to a distance that matches your blur horizon. Reading glasses (plus lenses) are also useful for reading books or doing homework.

My current belief is that the eyes adjust toward myopia or hyperopia based on the environment. Heavy schoolwork involving screens and books causes your eyes to accommodate for long hours every day, and that excessive accommodation triggers myopia as an adaptive response. If you use phones and computers every day there’s an excellent chance you’re getting some eyestrain, probably not a full-blown spasm of accommodation but enough to prevent you from having perfect distance vision.

My guess is that if you keep doing what you’ve been doing and continue to focus on things outdoors, and avoid having your nose against a screen or a book (especially while wearing distance glasses!) you’ll continue to improve rapidly.


Thanks a lot for the encouragement, I visited the opthal yesterday, and it turns out I was overprescribed in the left eye, so my new prescription is -0.5 R -1 L (I had been prescribed -0.5 R -1.25 L around a week ago)… My dad was a bit grumpy that he would have to buy another pair of glasses in a time period of just o, but I convinced the opthal to let me wear my old -0.5 L -0.5 R glasses…
(I wear them only during my nightly jog anyways)


I am in a same situation same age same country and same problem the indian hectic education ,only difference is the prescription (-1LE and -0.75RE) and I am doing AF regularly for an hour but my progress seems to be very slow and I am just craving to get those clear flashes permanently in my life but due to lockdown and increase in covid cases I am unable to spend time outdoor.

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