Quick question about active focus

So I was outside looking around objects like stop signs and street signs, car license plate numbers, etc. And I was walking from half of a football(American football) field away and I started to look at this particular sign, it looked super blurry but I began to blink couple of times, then all of then sudden I was able to tell what the stop sign was. It was a yellow diamond shaped sign with a hexagon shaped stop sign in the middle. I can go on with other examples but I was shocked when I began to blink and start seeing things sharper. I wanted to ask for months but I thought it was a stupid question. Am I on the right track of doing active focus? I did get some tears in my eyes but it wasn’t dripping down badly like I was crying.

P.S it has been long due to post my updates with my eyesight etc, I’ve just started to put more logs like I’m supposed and I will get back to it. I maybe plan on posting more next week or so depends if I’m super busy.

Thank you guys and have a blessed day.

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It definitely sounds like your eyes clearing the blur = AF. Inspiring, isn’t it? :blush:

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