Quick question about blur adaptation and increasing my CYL correction

Should I increase my CYL correction after I’ve been living in blur for ten years and I am still recovering from blur adaption? I had been given initially a differential prescription and 6 months later a full prescription of:
OS -2.50 SPH, -1,5 CYLx10
OD -2.75 SPH, -1,5 CYLx170
It’s been 1 year since I received this prescription. I have visited another optometrist and I went up with my SPH by 0.5 each eye. He has tried to complicate my prescription with 0.5 diopter ratio and more cyl on right eye. I felt something being wrong with my visual cortex and cancelled this prescription complexity with another lens order.
What should I decide to increase in order to improve my vision because I am in demand of understanding at college what’s written on the whiteboard. My biggest challenge is ghosted text after 3-4 meters. I mention that I use my normalized as differentials at the moment because first pair of glasses wasn’t actually a good idea to be differentials(lower CYL than full prescription) so no active focus possibilities available.

As much as we DIY around here, whiteboard distance is what the entire industry is about, getting kids to perform better in school. If your professionally proscribed glasses are blurry for that, get a different professional.

That said, the higher your prescription, the more lens distortion effects come into play. For me (-16D) things are fairly crisp through the center of my lens at that distance, but too small to read. I have to sit in the front row. If you can’t get relief from lenses, reduce distance as much as you can.

If you’re wearing strong lenses for school, take them off as soon as you don’t need them, and take them off (or replace with lower power) for test time or any other near work time.

Good insiight! I will have a keratometry test and I will try more professional measurements to get that ideal prescription for my blur adaptation.