Quickies with NottNott

Making this was fun╰(°▽°)╯


I get this odd sense that you don’t like print pushing. No reason, just a guess :joy:


A quickie in the UK is different than in the States. :rofl:


Same thoughts with this one… a weird clickbait

The active ingredient is challenge, and whether this works for one better at print distance or far distance is very personal. Outside time, although good for a lot of things, will not reverse myopia if one does not pay attention to what one can or cannot see. My personal experience was rapid progress with fairly aggressive print pushing, and paying more attention to what I could clear outside came later. But then I have hardly ever been deprived of long periods outside in very beautiful environments - so I got the benefit of both.

Quickies is a nice idea. :+1:


Preach it!


Are you sure? By how many minutes? :thinking:

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yep! Ditch the books!

As you said, its hard to say excactly if distance vision is better than print pusing.

But @Bigkittyqueen mentioned in another recent posts there is evidence to show that natural light is a contributing factor to myopia supression/progression. This is ASSOCIATED with going outside. So maybe trying to print push on top of a mountain might be worth a try…

LOL! Yeh don’t go round Australia asking for a “quickie”


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I thought it, but I didn’t say it :joy::joy:

:joy::joy: I can’t!! I just can’t!


Especially don’t go around asking for a “quickie” with laser eyes on.

It’s not, though. We’ve explored those options and while certainly anecdotal I’m pretty confident that pushing focus is very much less effective than pulling focus (ie. using distance vision, to improve distance vision - what a far fetched idea!).

The “print pushing” thing doesn’t work for most people we’ve tried it with (and it was quite a few for a while there). Not to get to 20/20 anyway and keep it. Outliers may have success with it, but it’s definitely the hard way to do it, and it is rather quite ironic in not using distance vision to try to see better at a distance.

(Also for a while there while Todd’s thing was quite popular, the volume of e-mail we used to get complaining about how print pushing wasn’t working for people, was pretty annoying after a while.)


Hmmm. yes I’ll definitely take your cumulative experiences of all your students over my singular experience…
Thinking about it a bit more, I’ve never really made a concerted effort to compare my pushing and pulling focus habits. I’ve only really focused on getting as much outdoor time as possible and ditching the nearwork. So when I say “its hard to say” I should really say its hard for ME to say.

This is absolutely fantastic, and I’m saying that unironically :slight_smile: You should totally do more videos in this style. Short, fun, great to watch.


Interesting that you use the pic of Samuel Johnson. The poor man was notorious for staring at a clock and not being able to register the time. He was afraid that it meant that he was going insane.

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I doubt whether either print pushing or pulling would have done him much good. It seems he had terrible eyesight.

And, having visited the attic of his London house, in which he composed the whole English dictionary, it was clear to me that its very poor light could’ve done nothing for his eyesight!

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wow. that one was really quick!