🎥 Radan: Vision Improvement Video

Radan being awesome, posting two videos of his progress.

Short one:

Detailed one:

Easy and useful, isn’t it? Give fellow darlings a chance to learn about your own experience via one of these super simple videos.

Playlist of videos created so far: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgB_5pbB86Gi1qKX9AGVmzqjmWjgQPXQV

And if you do upload your own improvement video, you’ll be able to join our monthly Q&A livestream videos. https://community.endmyopia.org/t/monthly-live-stream-q-a-advanced-users/1755/10


Radan…you were up for the challenge and did fantastic videos! Very true about the opto “better or worse” question never providing enough time for active focus with an accurate not fearful response. I have been shopping for a test lens kit hoping I can nail my true Rx. Your comment comparing Jake on video and on the website was so funny! …Each video truly provides inspiration for anyone :hugs:



Who would say this isn’t much? From -2 to -0.5, a whopping three quarters of myopia gone! And a cylinder reduction on top! in less than two years! No reason to be modest, this is amazing!


Congratulations! Great progress.

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Awesome progress… I envy you much. So you basically had many breaks from close up work, went on walks, used reduced prescriptions? How did you get down from -1D to say, -0.25?
Thats the hardest part out there I guess

Check out the low myopia section of the blog. The last diopter is tricky (but fun).

Missed this post, how cool is that video?
What a great story - wanting to buy a test lens kit (how incredibly cool!) and finding endmyopia…
Also, great idea, measuring car plate distance! Nice to see how this little changes change other aspects as well!

To be honest, that 0.25D was measured by optometrist and in reality, it is perhaps a bit worse. Indeed, I did AF during the eye test and I found out that my brain has became pretty good in ‘signal processing’ and can figure quite well letters that are quite blurry. Standard eye test is designed for an Endmyopia-untrained person, so in my view does not give accurate reading to us that have been ‘fiddling around’ with our eyes and brains. I also played another trick suggested by Jake - I went for the test on Sat morning (I cycled to the shop) with no close-up work before, so my eyes were really relaxed and after outdoor time.

I am - as most of us - struggling a bit with that last diopter. I feel the key is the outdoor time and natural light. I work in the field of optics (although more with lasers and optical fibers than eyes) and I can tell you, spectra of all sorts of artificial lights are VERY different to that of the natural light. I can also confirm another thing Jake mentioned in one of his videos (Jake, thanks for all of them - sometimes I feel everything has been said in them!) - for some unknown reason, it seems that my last-diopter improvements come in steps rather than progressively. Actually, I am waiting for the next step for the last couple of months :slight_smile:


Hmm… It feels like its all about habits , and maintaining good visual habits for the rest of our lives , which I am not against, its a positive thing after all, but its definitely NOT like emmetropic people, who can sit 20 hours straight in front of screens and still see 20/16 on an indoor eyechart. I could say I improved too, since I have many moments of clear vision ( I even scored better results in some eye tests having relaxed eyes with active focus ). However I dont really wanna say I improved because its super random, and it seems like a tiny tiny bit of close work or whatever reverses it. Perhaps I should give it a few months more to see if improvements stabilize more…

At least you really managed to get down from -2, which doesnt seem like a “temporary” improvement

Jake had probably worked years and gave crazy amounts of stimulus in the low myopia range, to reverse these diopters, but I believe his vision is a much more stable 20/20 than those clear flashes that we get

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