Rapid astigmatism progression

It is possible that I “gained” my astigmatism quite quickly.

In 2018 summer, wore my old -4 and then my new Rx sph -5 both at once when I needed instant work for 20/20 vision (e. g. housekeeping).

I seen with that very reliably, 20/25 was very readable (my chart did not have 20/20, but I definitely seen 20/20 with them).

But now, things are not that readable with that setup.

So I assume my astigmatism is not lens-induced: the last cylinder I had in 2009-2014 sph -1 cyl -0.5 ax 90. Then, I had not any cylinders up to 2 months ago.

Now my right cyl is -2.25 ax 180, left cyl is -1.75 (-1.5) ax 170.

Maybe that is blur adaptation (new Rx was -5 when I needed -9) or so?

Sorry, this isn’t very clear. Did you wear two sets of correction at the same time i.e. -5 added to -4 to get a -9 correction? Did you need that much correction? If you only needed 1 D of spherical correction in 2014, how could you have deteriorated so rapidly as to need a -9 correction in 2018? What are your current spherical diopters? It is possible that a very large spherical overcorrection could ‘hide’ a certain amount of astigmatism.

In 2014, my 20/20 was at sph -6.5 R sph -7 L.

And yes. Glasses on glasses :sunglasses:

I read this as sph -1
cyl -0.5 ax 90

Now that you have given your spherical values at that time, the situation is clearer to me. Glasses on glasses looks pretty uncomfortable to me, and certainly seems to have overdone the correction - plus messing with vertex distances…

Now my contact lenses are:
R -8 cyl -1.75 ax 180 (20/20)
L -8.5 cyl -1.25 ax 170 (20/30, but 20/20 with +0.75 in top)

R -8.25 (-8) cyl -2.25 ax 180
L -8.25 cyl -1.75 (-1.5) ax 170

K readings:
43 D (both eyes); -2x180 R, -1.5x170 L, so my astigmatism is corneal.

Thanks, that completes the picture, but does not help to explain the increase in astigmatism. How long was your spell of wearing glasses over glasses? Did these glasses both have astigmatism correction? (does this double the cylinder?) If it was long enough, it could have messed with your eyes quite a bit and could have forced your eyes to adapt to higher (doubled?) cylinder correction and increased the astigmatism - in effect lens induced astigmatism.

First glasses: sph -4, cyl 0 (Chinese cheap “reading” glasses, I almost never wore them, my old sph -4 cyl 0 was broken, so tried to self-prescribe).
Second: sph -5, cyl 0 (Those were my main option though I barely seen 20/60 in them at first and no even 20/200 at end).

So no cylinder correction in either of those pairs. I think I will have to give up trying to look for an explanation. :wink: Good luck on your EM journey

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Ok, thanks :slight_smile:

Explanation is also that when lens center (-s) does not match with those of pupil, the lens can achieve cylinder, prism and whatever also :frowning_face:

Because of -8.5 (0.5 larger than I need) sph trial contact lens I barely see even 20/60.

Goodness knows what two pairs of glasses at the same time, both with incorrect PD, could have done to your poor eyes. You may be on the right track there.

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If the ophthalmologist/ optimism recommended -8.5 both eyes, why don’t you stick with it for a few weeks (maybe 6 weeks). You might find it hard at first but At least your eyes will be equalised. It might be worth a recheck after that to see what your measurements are. Perhaps your astigmatism will drop during that period.

@JenniK, my astigmatism is corneal.
I just trained on that sph -8.5 trial lens, how to wear contacts.
My Rx is -8-1.75R, -8.5-1.25L contacts.

Plenty of leftover astigmatism with those, also left is worse than right so I use +0.75 glasses for distance to cancel hyperopic defocus which I get also at infinity.