Re-Branding (and re-naming) Endmyopia

So as we figured out at this point, nobody knows what myopia even means.

Calling this whole thing ‘endmyopia’, entirely representative of the big picture absence of any clue of what people actually need. How people find information, words used, basic literacy reading our target audience.

We fail. (or rather, of course Jakey fails especially)

Look at all the rambling videos, the beard jokes in half of the endmyopia articles, the wholey guru’s terrible attitude half the time … we’re destined for not-greatness here.

All we may need though, is to just realize the error of our ways, and rename endmyopia.

Make explainer videos that are scripted and have visuals to explain things, and infographics and hire optometrists to explain the parts of things that are known in science, and write good articles.

I think that’s what we need. Been thinking about what the thing should be called, if not end-myopia.

Thinking here, just brainstorming, that we may be headed in the right direction if we just called it …


Yes. We are in good hands after all, I GOT THIS.

(had way too much coffee, procrastinating from actual endmyopia work)


Hmmmm, EM without EM. Endmyopia is 5 syllables, so making it easier to say would be a good idea if it was to happen. But I guess there isn’t the most in a name, I mean Google is easy to say and stuff, but without it being massive we’d be like ‘that’s a pretty strange name’. Once reputation is built around a name, I guess it can be anything and still be alright (the only exception being the band ‘The Buggles’)

EndGlasses is three syllables, and actually conveys what we’re trying to do, less jargon in the title. Sounds like a call to action as well.

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EndContacts? EndLasik?
Maybe StopMyopia?

UnLens. Hey guys, I’m Andrew and I’m UnLensing myself.


Sounds pretty creative, I’d like to point out.


For me “lens” suggest contact lenses. Also without any context I would not associate myopia or eyesight when I see the word (un)lens. I would more like think about camera optics.

How about TerminateNearsightedness? :rofl:


Honestly I had no idea it was called nearsightedness, the only word I ever knew for it was myopia. Myopia is the same word in so many European languages (I believe?), so I think that it’s great for international audiences.
And EndMyopia is just a name after all, it does not have to contain keywords. How on earth would we know that f.lux is a software to make the screen color warmer if we had only the name to go by, given that it is just a wordplay with “lux”, an even more obscure word for “light” than myopia is for nearsightedness.

Also if you change it, I’m wondering what that would mean for the “backward compatibility”. Meaning, so many resources and videos refer to EM as EM and a change in name might make them confusing at best, obsolete at worst.

Of course I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad idea to change the name! I just think it’s a very fine name already and that hopefully, well thought-out descriptions should have all the right keywords in them to increase visibility!


Yet another department of J. W. Yee?

Maybe Jake’s method, or reduced lens method. I have no idea. The name is unique though. Consider eyesight repair, eyesight restoration etc.

@jakey Stop doubting everything! You have done a wonderful thing! Sure things have benefited from being updated because everything needs updating, the world is constantly changing. But I don’t see a need to re-brand. The brand is built and trying to pull the foundation out from under it is going to pull the whole thing down. Rather than start from square one, keep going the direction we are going. I think it is going the right way, podcasts and videos are getting the word out and so many changes in the last year are making EM more accessible. The wiki is helping to sort some of the terminology confusion. I think it’s a stay the course thing at this point, we are on the right track.


“Endmyopia” is actually a good name. Though it is true that not knowing what “myopia” is, is common. I can say that at least for my country also doctors do not refer to it as “myopia”, but to “nearsightedness” and the proper term is only used in literature or in official records - never with the patient. People talking about their specs also do not use the term “myopia”. So I see why renaming EM would maybe make it more findable/relatable to the target audience. On the other hand, actually realizing the correct term for your condition is empowering and opens the door to the right google (scholar) searches and questions. What I found after realizing that the correct term is “myopia” was mind boggling. I knew somewhat that that was the term, but never to the extent that is was relevant to me. So my suggestion would be to give EM a secondary title for the website or for links. Like “EndMyopia - reversing nearsightedness” the secondary title could be translated into different languages without having to change the main title (“EndMyopia”). Honestly I think that would be sufficient in terms of google searches and people seeing what it is about when clicking a link or such. Just my two cents… :wink:


Yes to this, qualifier instead of overhaul.
So project thought though, been turning over for a while. A video series of the 7-day email. Not as a substitute, more of a supplement. A boiled down and simplified review of what is covered in each day. Maybe as a a fully graphic itteration, that can then have voice over layered in, and then we can have members do the reading in different languages, especially since many get lost with the language barrier…

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I have to agree with @Lloydmom, though through a different reasoning:
I understand why you want to find a new name, but I don’t think there is a better name. I’ve tried to come up with something which:

  1. short
  2. clearly states what it is about
  3. clever
  4. easily understandable without context

Aannnd… I don’t think there is any. Yes, “myopia” maybe not known by people (especially if their language use some form of “nearsightedness” instead myopia, like in German or Hungarian), but the only alternatives are “nearsightedness” or some kind of “eyesight” or maybe “vision”. Sure, you can go something like “Pro-vision” or “FixVision” or “Improve eyesight”, but they not really shorter, nor as clear.

Also the term “Endmyopia” has twofold meaning: it means that you end your own myopia, but also that the long term goal is to eradicate lens induced myopia generally. Which I don’t know if intended or not, but pretty clever anyhow :slight_smile: And it’s really hard to replicate with other terms.

Maybe the only problem with “Endmyopia” is that we already deal with presbyopia in some extent and also improving eyesight beyond 20/20 (though there is no course available yet, if I know correctly it’s under progress). And “Endmyopia” does not cover these. Maybe something like “Natural vision” could go well with these, but “natural” is pretty loaded and overused expression nowadays…

So yeah, overall I don’t think we have much better name than Endmyopia. But maybe someone more creative can find a better one :slight_smile: I don’t think there is no room for improvement, but I’m not sure it’s actually possible to make an actual improvement, instead of just improve in some aspects, but decline in others.


I agree. Endmyopia is going to be hard to beat.

In my experience, more people in the states know it by nearsightedness. I don’t think the word myopia is totally foreign though. Somehow most everyone is familiar with astigmatism.

I personally don’t see the name being a hurdle to getting EM to the masses. I’ve talked to a couple people about EM and see little interest. Maybe when I get to 20/20 they will listen.


The wind-up…and the PITCH!!


I’m happy with members who do know what myopia is. They at least have a chance of making progress. See Dunning-Krueger Syndrome for why.

Edit: And I’m happy with the EndMyopia name. If I could be a ten-year old in 1974, and using a secondhand set of encyclopedias work my way to understanding that my condition is called myopia, anyone worth their salt in the age of the Internet ought to be able to do it, as well.


It was a joke post. Endmeowpia? :joy:


Good! Though I knew that bit was a joke, the rest… less clear…
Just don’t go “burn it all down” on us


Nice joke Jake!

Apple, IKEA, Uber, Nestle, Starbucks, Google, Nintendo, Walmart, Nike. Brands don’t have to be descriptive.

I like the idea of a secondary title or mission statement.


EndMyopia name features a quite balanced choice between being descriptive and being unambiguous.

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Yeah i hate that this is the convention in the states.
That’s what people know it by but when Tell someone you’re nearsighted, you’re gonna get asked whether that means you see well near or you can’t see near at all.