Re-starting after 6 years )=

Hello everyone!

My name is Wendy and I am writing from the mountains of Colorado in the USA (9000 ft/2700ish meters). I stumbled upon end myopia nearly 6 years ago and I have always believed that this method is true.

I started out with left eye -5.5, right eye -6. At that time I had some great gains. I was working in an open pit gold mine for the summer that included 1.5 hours driving through the mountains daily. So I had a lot of distance challenge. Over the 6 months following that I did systematic reductions, but I got lazy with my habits and impatient with my reductions. I kept reducing on a schedule without being ready for that. I ended up around -4 for a few years. I think I became blur adapted. After a while I was tired of not being able to see. As a work from home mom after the gold mine stint, I had a lot of close up time that went unchecked. After a while I was tired and embarrassed about not being able to see clearly, so I went back to my full prescription.

So here I am again! I am starting over, watching Jake’s youtube videos and being good with using differentials for close up time. It’s been a week and I already feel strain if I attempt to look at my computer for more than a few minutes with my normalized glasses. I am at -5 left, -5.5 right. Since we are heading into summer, this will be a great time to re-establish good habits and maybe get through a few reductions before the days get cold and short again.

I am a contacts wearer, but I also keep glasses for back-up. For you who do glasses, do you use corrected sunglasses, clip-ons, transition lenses? Do they work to transition while driving a car? Thank you all for sharing your stories. It is inspiring to know of others around the world doing this. All the best!


Welcome back. I hope you have a better go of it this time around :slight_smile:

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Thank you! Last time when I started I was pregnant and starting a new business, so now that things are more stable, I am optimistic about my efforts to establish better habits (=


Hi, Wendy!
Oh, I can refer to these words. They decribe perfectly what happened to me. Good luck in your journey!

Hi Wendy! I also live in Colorado, I am in Highlands Ranch, where are you located? It would be amazing to find a friend to go on hikes or walk together and share the vision improvement experience. What do you think?:slight_smile:

That’s great you living in Highlands Ranch. We are about 30 mins west of Colorado Springs. I’m looking forward to warm, sunny days when I can be outside more. Before this last storm, I went hiking around Garden of the God’s and the next day my CM were better (:sunny: Foggy, snowy days aren’t great for distance vision.

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That’s wonderful! I love hiking around Garden of the Gods and I love taking my little one to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. I also look forward to summer and nice weather. Can’t wait to go camping. I try to go on walks around the neighborhood at least for an hour when the weather permits. If you ever feel like you would like some company on your hike, let me know, I am sure we could meet up somewhere in the middle.

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