Re-Vision is here to heal your myopia!

Great news! All your eyesight worries are over forever! The bearded guru is dethroned, and a new guru reigns in his place. And his name is Larry.

Now don’t think Larry is a scam-artist, just because his histrionic delivery of his endless hokey narrative claims that he’s from Philadelphia while his every syllable says Down Under. Like all these snake-oil videos, this one doesn’t tell you how long it will be, does not allow you to skip forward even a little, much less to the promised dramatic climax at the end, is maddeningly repetitive, has different voices read dozens of letters that are oddly written in the same identifiable style and all acclaim Larry as their savior.

But I ran this expensively produced video to the end so that you don’t have to. After all, I wanted to know what this miracle is that Larry is putting his family’s future in peril for so that he can offer it to us at a low, low price that will totally ruin him. I watered plants and did other chores while he droned on for what seemed an eternity but was probably only a little more than half an hour and could have been boiled down to three minutes.

Even though this product supposedly has a famous Japanese scientist and “the best opthalmologist in Sweden” behind it (and they begged him to charge thousands of dollars for it, of course, but Larry brings tears to your eyes with his protestations of concern for those same eyes and his contempt for filthy lucre), for some reason these towering figures of science have done nothing to spread the word in medical journals, and the product is, of course, available only online and only from Larry. But you’ll forgive all his excesses when you see the marvelous markdowns that he put on the prices indicated below the video—all prices drastically reduced “FOR THE SAKE OF YOU AND YOUR FAMILY”!

Hail Larry!

The link’s preview won’t load, but the link does work, and I urge you to watch the few seconds that will sufficiently introduce you to the marvel that is Larry.


Ai yi yi!

I watched more than six seconds but I ended it sooner than the part where he got to the 6 second trick that will restore eyesight.

Is it “buying some supplement from Larry”?

Yes, note the low, low prices at the bottom of that page. And hurry, supplies are limited, and the herbs are so rare it will take him six months, he says, to obtain enough of them to make a new supply. Why can’t Jakey find us some herbs, I ask you?


I heard they legalized herb in NYC but I’m not sure if it’s legal to buy and sell it or not. Sending it all the way from Thailand might still be against the law.

First I thought this was the Joke article requested by @Dlskidmore :rofl:

Slightly disappointed it is just a supplement ad…

Can we assume Larry is a paid actor and whoever is behind these probably has a dozen other similar schemes going on, for arthritis and back pain and hair loss? :joy:


Conspiracy theory! How could they do that without even one person who was involved in it leaking? Someone would talk. It’s more logical they would just have Larry’s wife involved in a near-fatal accident rather than making it so much more complicated. Besides, if it never happened and he’s just a paid actor in some kind of money-making scheme, how come the other people involved in the car crash didn’t go to the press and debunk his claims about the supplement helping to improve his wife’s vision?

It happened. His wife almost crashed. Now she can see again, the supplement works. There’s no grand conspiracy to try to “trick people” and “make money” selling “worthless pills” on the internet. Larry’s a good person and he wouldn’t lie about something important like his wife almost dying.

Usually the simplest explanation is the most logical.


You got me there. Case closed!


Then the “real Larry” has really wasted his money for a narrator in this obviously costly video. There are myriad talented actors practically starving in gutters, and he hires this off-putting over-actor?


I want her prosecuted to the full extent of the law for driving while blind, using this video as conclusive evidence in court. And if the car is registered in Larry’s name, he’s a co-defendant.

I won’t lie: I’m out to get Larry. He’s no Jakey. He’s Jokey.


Got a good laugh at this story especially when his ophthalmologist friend hung up on him because “we can’t talk about these things over the phone”

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And tennitus, I heard a similar excessively long claim of a “miracle cure” for tennitus a while back that naturally was in limited supply and couldn’t be talked about openly and all that jazz…


Yes, the paranoia angle seems to be one of the sales tools of a lot of these online salesman of top-secret remedies. He also wants you to hurry and buy a lot of his product before he is shut down.


Probably because he didn’t want to invest more in actors than what the bs cure is worth :joy: get a clone to sell the same supplement under another name to cure arthritis and you have widened your scamming pool without a big investment.

Though again, Larry might just be a deepfake. Or the scammer’s uncle. This isn’t really the kind of actor one would pay in positive values!


Doesn’t even need to be a supplement at that point. Placebos will generate a few positive testimonials, some more will keep taking them because it might help and doesn’t hurt anything…


Thank you for the good laugh. :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

@jakey dearest, I/we stick with you, don’t you worry. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

He left a note a perfect way to solve your YOU Fd MY EYES UP problem


Love it!


Maybe it is Jakey. Divide and conquer.

Do your own research to confirm

Given they didn’t name any ingredients nor the lab they touted so highly, that’s a bit difficult.


the overuse of stock footage is hilarious!