Hi people!
You would remember that yesterday I told how I started my vision improvement journey and started measuring my eyesight.
Well, I just realised that instead of centimetres I was measuring it in inches :woman_facepalming:
I was getting really scared about why it is coming so low( left: 20-22 cm actually inches and right: 11-12 cm actually inches).


:blush: Hope you

  • had a good laugh
  • feel less depressed about the opto result
  • got a reassurance that diopter is nothing else but distance to blur

Yes I did, I felt so relieved that my measurement was correct and my prescription too.
It did make me a little else depressed though now I am worried about whether I have astigmatism also.

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You don’t need to worry about such things. You either have astigmatism or you don’t it’s not some future risky event that could have a bad outcome which is worth worrying about, it’s a situation that already exists or not and even if so it can be corrected. Astigmatism can be perfectly corrected by lenses, usually poses no risk on its own and may even be improvable by EM and similar methods depending on the type of astigmatism, so you see no need to worry