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Sad to hear. Me too! No gains.

What do you consider double vision?
And is it different to clearing up blur/double vision with active focus?

I currently have some blur, some double vision and can clear it up with active focus outside.
But is this different to the double vision you’re talking about? Is yours more serious?

My double vision is a shifty thing.
Sometimes it’s a full on separate ghost image. The placement shifts too, sometimes it is above, other times below, usually off center to the left or right but not always, and still other times it is next to the true image. It can ride close enough to make letters look like characters from another language.
But it is not always a full ghost image either, many times it is just like a weird edge on everything.
Being able to resolve it is just as unpredictable too. Some days, especially if I have been able to get out doors on sunny days at least as often as not it resolves much like AF. Other days, especially after several overcast days it can be miserable and even anxiety provoking to try to resolve, and success is kind of a coin toss… Been much more of the later lately so I am hoping that extra .25 will help take the edge off a bit. So far it seems to be helping, now I just need to double down on my double vision and get actively resolving it again… and again… DV stage really slows me up in my journey, it is a recurring step for me, every single quarter diopter, normz and diffs, since my original newbie gainz, that takes so long to tackle :frowning: it’s not as bad in the spring and summer at least… Unfortunately It would seem I only get to have gainz in the 6 months of the year we get decent weather :sob:, BUT even progressing only half the year for below average gainz, it’s still half a year of gainz so all about that perspective :slight_smile:


Nice thanks for the detail.

And you would say at the moment that your double vision is distinct from your blur?

Or no blur atm?

Because I sometimes have double vision, then sometimes blur, and then other times double vision AND blur.

I think I have both as well, but I’m really not sure.

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When I first reduce I get blur, then it shifts to DV. With Normz I don’t perceive blur at that point just DV. With diffs and without glasses I get the DV at the edge of the diopter bubble and for quite a bit passed it, then far enough outside I guess there is blur… it is hard to say… I can get bits of the captions on the TV 15 feet away a lot of times with out glasses (which boggles my mind, I shouldn’t be able to read them at all) but there are at least two other sets of ghost images, so I can only get them when they separate enough to not have the over lap make so much of a mess. But on blur days it’s just fuzz. Point of clarity I don’t habitually watch TV without glasses, just things I notice when I look up and catch a bit of my husband’s program.
Which I guess is the long way to say, same?


yep thats great. Ok it sounds like we’re in the same boat. Also potentially @WayneB When I first reduce I def. have blur, not really double vision. Then as my eyes adjust its less blur and more double vision. Then hopefully DV eventually goes.

So maybe its something like this.

REDUCE --> Blur --> Blur + DV --> DV --> Clarity --> REDUCE.

This reminds me of the convo between David and Jake about DV and how you shouldn’t reduce before its gone…


Although not a common issue for me I had the opposite effect I reduced because i lost a pair of glasses and it resolved my DV… guess it depends on the reason for it.

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sounds about right for my experience…

sounds like your the lucky one… I tried staying ahead of it once that didn’t work out. Guess that is the variable part, the mechanics are the same but some adjust better than others. And everyone has different struggles. I can pull focus better than I can push it, and DV resolution has been the biggest hurdle for me thus far at every stage. I have had it with every reduction since -3.5.

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I guess I have it to some degree but a lot of times ot is only when looking at 1 object and not the whole picture. I think my problem is the right eye will begin to see things better before the left amd that is why that drop in dioptors helped. I was getting blur in both eyes again.

My left eye is my slower eye, and that was my hope too, just get back to plain old blur, but my DV came back quickly and with a vengeance :confused:

That stinks. What dioptor are you at? This low stage is different. Yesterday i spent the morning in blur then it just popped into near over clarity but there was something still not right abou the overall image. Not like double vison but kinda because the left seemed to see not as clear and it was like a strange independent viewing.

I get that sometimes, every once in a while, with the almost too clear but still a little wonky. One night I had it for almost an hour in artificial lighting no less! My measurements put me at better than a -3 but not quite a -2.75 so that I usually get a decent 20/25 with a -2.75. I had stepped it down to -2.5 to try to shake up my stagnant stimulus in Dec and at first my eyes responded very well, blur stage was about 2 weeks and back into DV but resolvable with effort. But January was so over cast with storms mixed in, my DV started getting worse and resolving it was happening with less frequency, and I was starting to not even get AF the last week or two so back up to the -2.75 and I grabbed my previous diffs too. Figured I was safe since my I was still using the -2.75 for night driving, so it was technically only the one change.

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I kinda like overcast times because I cant lie to myself that there is no blur. But I have a hard time getting any clarity at night I cannot do AF so good job there.

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Here’s my variation:
I agree with the progression @Alexbreedon1111 described, but there were a few times when I decided to delay the reduction, to make sure the clarity was real, and then DV came back again and only got resolved when I reduced. This may explain @Jenn’s experience…

One of the reasons why I introduced alternating corrections. Quoting from another post:
My example: first I used the stronger / previous / current corrections on most days until I got to around 20/20 → 20/30, then I introduced the next norms 1 or 2 days a week => challenging my eyes on some days and letting them enjoy clarity with less effort on the other days (that can really boost the confidence of the ‘weaker’ eye, nudging it in the right direction). Then I gradually increased the number of days wearing the lower prescription until reaching 7 days a week with them. Then I got that stabilized and then I started introducing the next lower pair with the same alternating method.


Pretty sure my DV was resolved by getting blur again and neither eye sought clarity but had to focus on blur. My slight astigmatism also caused some of that DV and the left eye always does what the right does. Plus it clears things up slower. But I am a bit stuck in that dioptor on a bit of a roller coaster so good days bad days. Still better at 1.50 than 3


Full disclosure I tried it this way to, but it seems that i just end up paying interest when the DV returns.

Luckily it has never come back for me as of yrt anyways.

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This is super interesting thanks Bianca.

I’ve been following alot of your posts quite closely and they always have some very interesting stuff in them.

So maybe we’re back to the great “when to reduce?” question.
I know that you have a few tactics similar to the one you outline above.
For example I was inspired by some other post you did, can’t rememeber exactly. I went back up 0.25 for a week to give my eyes some clarity that they needed. This seemed to help when I went back down 0.25.

Lots of anecdotes of people having 2x Norms, or easing in new pairs of norms like yourself.

I know that Jakes hesitates on switching focal planes regularly.
What are your thoughts? Have you tried both waiting it out and switching it up? Or are you one of those people that seems to be fine with regular focal plane changes?