Reduce by 1 diopter with more expensive lenses?

I wonder whether reducing 1 diopter (from -9(.5) to -8(.5)) with full cylinder correction with more expensive lenses for better vision will not stunt progress?

Because I want to save money on that stupid plastic - it can cost up to $50 per lens and $200 for 4 lenses (normalized and differentials).
It’s not critical for me when I will change diopters only every 1 year and I will see only 20/50.

What do you think?

Im not really sure what you’re asking…

reducing by 1 diopter wont help you make progress. reducing more than you need to will just give you unnecessary blur and can prevent progress. If your at -9 right now and can see well with it, well if you reduce it down to -8, what you will see will be blurrier than before and it can lead to blur adaptation. The goal is to reduce just slightly .25-.50 diopters to have just enough challenge to clear the blur. if you reduce down to -8, your eyes wont bother to improve.
More expensive lenses wont improve your progress. all these lenses are made relatively the same. You just have to make sure you’re getting the right prescription with the right lenses, even frames and PD measurement to make sure you benefit from the glasses you buy.

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It can cost up to that, and more even.
But it doesn’t have to.

Zenni have glasses for $6 US, I think.
And Clearly have them for $9 US.

You could get 8 pairs of those for less than a really expensive pair of glasses.

Jake has told us how to do this.
If you would like to try other things and see how you go, you are welcome to,
but my approach is to stick to the script and let the results come.
Much less work to just follow Jake’s recommendations - he has done the working out for us.
I’d prefer to go the method with the proven results and not waste time (and money) trying other variations, especially if I haven’t given the proper EM method a go yet.
You risk trying something different and then finding yourself another year later, still with no results, and feeling discouraged that EM didn’t work, because you never actually used the EM method.


Exactly, like Microsoft wasted time and money to compete with Google :wink:

Well, I will try official EM.

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I hope you get some encouraging progress soon. :slight_smile:

I tried it one or twice with contact lenses, but I thought there will be some ciliary spasm…
There was an improvement by 0.50 sphere in terms of 4.5 months.
Then improvement of 0.75 sphere in terms of 3 months with increase in astigmatism, both lasted a few days.

All confirmed by autorefractor/keratometer followed by a test lens kit.

And, starting with summer, all gains were lost.
Then, it started to go even worse than before EM!

Maybe I was concerned about other health issues more, but still no bad habits, living at the edge of blur. However, I have tried spherical equivalent, and I guess this now irreversible worsening definitely was due to this.

Just cylinder is a mess: right varied between 1.5-3.25 diopters, left 0.75-1.75.
Recently, it was settled at 2.75/1.75, which is awful 3.5 and 2.25 cyl in glasses.

I need quite custom setup: aspherical 1.6 index because of abbe ≥40, sph up to -10, cyl up to -4, all coatings. As well, I have too rare fitting (e.g. narrow nose bridge), achievable only with very correct frame and nose pads. It seems Zenni even does not have an option for aspherical design Any suggestions?

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Ahh, right. Taking into account all your requirements, I see why it adds up. Maybe send an email to Zenni asking them what they could offer to accommodate you and how cost effectively they could do it for.
It’s kind of their job to know that, and they also have a vested interest in getting your custom.

Why is the rate so slow for your case?

I think you’re pretty far into knowing your specific requirements. To my knowledge more expensive glasses just mean thinner lenses for worse quality, but at least it’s thinner. As a -8ish myope I suppose this is more relevant for you.

Myopia I have is all axial myopia, but it seemed to get better and worse much faster than 1 D/yr. For now, I don’t know how it is.

Aspherical lenses are much better in terms of vision quality yet more expensive. I can get Dagas lenses instead of Essilor ones for diffs e.g., they are 3x cheaper, but they have Abbe value of 40 instead of 42. Also, they don’t have anti-dirt coating. As well I’m binded to 1.6 index, however many opticians would recommend chromatic aberration full 1.67.

“With an increase in myopic refractive correction, myopic eyes became much larger in all three dimensions, but more so in length (0.35 mm/D, 95% confidence interval [CI] 0.28–0.40) than in height (0.19 mm/D, 95% CI 0.09–0.29) and more so in height than in width (0.10 mm/D, 95% CI 0.01–0.20).”

ALnormal = AL-((SEpositive+IR)/(mm/D))

IR - ideal refraction (+0.50 SPH)

27.19-((9+0.5)/(1/0.35)) = 23.87 mm.

Mean axial length of European male eye as you said: 23.83 mm.

I really don’t think any of this line of thought is necessary. Just buy cheap good quality glasses with a low index for the best vision quality - people with your myopia haven’t thought about it this much and got results still? :grin: