Reduce or not when only one eye can see 20/20 but there is no blur challenge?

So I have the following situation:

  1. My binocular vision is 20/20 in indoor lightning. Which means especially because it’s summer that there is almost no blur challenge outside, so I cannot really use active focus for distance vision.
  2. But if I check my eyes separately they differ. My left is also about 20/20 (non-dominant eye, and a bit less clear than with both eye), but my right is more 20/30 - 20/40. I definitely use my right eye too, because I see clearer with both eye.
  3. Based on cm measurement there is only about ~0.15 dioptre difference between the two eye (1 cm difference at about 28-29 cm).

So based on the 1. I would definitely reduce because there is no blur challenge. Based on the 2. I would not reduce, but try to maybe patch a bit? But based on the 3. patching is not needed, because there can be even more difference between the eyes because of ocular dominance.

So I’m torn here :slight_smile: My gut reaction is to reduce to have some blur challenge and check cm measurement if they right eye does not lags more. But anyone have experience with similar situation?


Experiment. As someone in this forum has said, this is a journey, not a race. Reduce for a few weeks and see if anything changes.


I agree with @SickOfMyopia,

Try out your next normalized. See it that’s if doable for your right eye and combined. If so, go with it, if not. Revert, no shame in that. You can also utilize your next normalized as your peak correction for these great sunny days to get the optimal challenge and stimulus.


Thanks for the replies! Progress update:
Today is a sunny day and I’m free from work so I tried with Snellen and outdoor. Yeah, it’s definitely time to reduce, so I did :slight_smile: