Reduced my diopters...happy

hey guys , it’s me kumkum , a student of endmyopia guru jake . and today i wanna share my gains update. so , i started with the worse , and i was really worried about my eyesight and fixing eyesight like they were before was just a mere miracle for me and also to my surrounding.
but then i got to know about endmyopia

my starting full prescriptions were (before endmyopia) = left -3.50 and right -3.25
but today , i am at my differentials left -1.75 and right - 1.50
and my normalized left -2.75 and right -2.50

i got my normalized really late , cause of lockdown . i got them two days before today and with my normalized it’s not like that i struggle with seeing things , but ya i do get a blur challenge , and i feel really enthusiastic when i think about smooth blinking , becoming conscious about my lovely eyes and removing the blur.

thankyou , jake


Did you reduce the normalized for the first time by 0.75D? Isn’t that too much or you were overprescribed initially?

Why would you question that? My prescription at the outset was more than that over the centimeter measurement. It’s not unusual to be that much over-prescribed;


If you introduce good habits and diffs for a couple of weeks / months before getting the first norms, it is totally normal to have a big drop for your first norms.

Well done @kumkum. Nice gains :blush:


thankyou…and i think my some good habits are…that i never do closeup without differentials (i’ve great sense of wt’s rapid active focus) , and i wake up at 5 am in the morning and do yoga for half hour and also i think the way we care our eyes is the must , instead of thinking that , ughh…my eyes are weak and they are worse , we should still thank to god that they have given us eyes , n this is because of us that they have became weak cuz of early bad habits. but we still have corrective lenses and jake guru to help us making them like they were before…and i also discovered active focus with my normalized…the way things became clear with a smooth blink was really calming…thanks all

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