Reducing cylinder

Old prescription -3.75,-.75cyl and -3.75,-1cyl
I first swaped 0.5 cylinder with 0.25 sphere
Which is -4,-0.25cyl and -4,-0.5cyl.
After this I felt that my eye with lower cylinder(left)
is not seeing as good as the other (right).I noticed double vision and had a pain in my left eye muscles.
So I just swaped that .25d remaining cyilinderof left eye with 0.25D sphere and it felt nice .
Should I go back or use 4.25d and 4d,.5cyl?

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I’d probably stay where you are right now for a month or two if everything feels good, and then maybe try to equalize both eyes to -4.25 SPH -0.25 cyl and then proceed down from there. In my initial “prescription” they had -0.75 CYL in left eye and -0.50 CYL in right eye which made me feel terrible whenever I moved my head. Your eyes are so close right now that I would make the next move to put equal correction in front of both eyes. . Since you feel better now, I’d keep that for a while, and either keep -0.25 CYL in front of both eyes as your reduce (if you find you really like having a tiny bit of cylinder correction) or else try to go down to -4 SPH with no cylinder at the end of the year (or whenever your eyes are ready).

For me -0.25 CYL for a few months was enough to get used to total clarity and I don’t need it anymore now.

If you feel like you were overly aggressive and reduced too much, there’s no shame in going back. Since it feels nice I’d keep it the way it is now.

I wonder how your eyes and brain would react to -4.25sph no cyl in both eyes. Interesting that the eye with the less cyl value requested adding back sph. Is it because that eye is more sensitive or is it because the other one is checking out a bit from the vision efforts?
I guess the overall good news is that you seem to belong to those people who can convert their cyl to sph which I think is definitely a win in reducing prescription complexity.

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I have no cylinder in one eye not both.
4.25d left and 4d,0.5cyl
Once,I tried both eye 4.25d but my right eye was seeing double vision.
Then i tried exchanging 0.5D cyl with 0.25D sph
Which is: -4D,-0.25D cyl and -4D,-0.5D cyl
But then my left eye was facing problems after that I exchange the remaining 0.25D cyl with .25D sph only in my left eye, and that felt good

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This was what I was asking about. By maths only it should work, but I understand it didn’t in your case.
Have you tried 4.25 left and 4.5 right? It would be nice to eliminate cyl from the prescription complexity.

But there’s absolutely no rush.
If the 4.25D left and 4D with 0.5cyl right feels OK, just work with that.
Don’t go back from -4.25D sph only to a more complex sph and cyl combo.