Reducing prescription complexity

Exercise 3. Reading
Benefit : This exercise helps to release the strain and pressure caused by astigmatism, and must be done 2 to 4 times a day.

Finally an eye exercise that I can get behind! :laughing:

Also seconded what Denise said about SE, I feel that it’s better to get rid of cylinder sooner rather than later. Not right at the beginning, but better to remain dependent on too much sphere rather than too much cylinder.
I feel that when you have a high cyl/sph ratio, the goal is not to 100% fix astigmatism (if such a thing is even possible) but to be able to function well without cyl. I’m at -1 right now, and residual astigmatism is actually much easier to deal with than cylinder correction because I only wear glasses a few times a week.


This is my preferred explanation and is exactly how I feel. Thank you Salt.

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There is a rabbit hole at the end of How effective are multi-focal contacts if the manufacturer is recommending a monovision like fit?

Some types of astigmatism may actually be a counter to presbyopia? I couldn’t find a good definition of Q-factor in context.

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In an ophthalmology class the professor (actual university professor in ophthalmology) asked if any of us had an astigmatism correction. He then proceeded to tell us that it was mainly a money-making thing by retail optometrists and unnecessary in almost everyone. That if you were really looking for it, you could find astigmatism in everyone and then charge a lot of money to “correct” it. I won’t be getting any more astigmatism correction personally, though I did only have -0.25.


Yes, this is highly possible. I was naive, that I agreed to the optometrist at the optical shop and accepted the -0.50 CYL OU correction. Now, I will have to find a way to get rid of my dependence on the cylinder correction that I have, which is -1 OD and -0.75 OS.

I may beg to differ on the no one really has astigmatism part. I wore contacts for many years 30+ and the .50 cyl was to low to correct in contacts. But when I began EM the astigmatism was definitely there when looking at an astigmatism wheel. So by the theory it is only a money making thing may only be accurate to say if they add more than you need.

I believe the point he was trying to make is that astigmatism is definitely there, but in most people there is no tangible need or benefit in correcting it.


That was my case, one autorefractor out of many detected a -.25D of astigmatism (others didn’t) so I assume it was a false positive; with time I have legit astigmatism, but while there is blur on the wheel, with both eyes working together I don’t really need correction.