Remember The Zero Diopter Reset

Zero diopter reset is a very crucial component for your most sagely ceremonial approach to reducing diopters.

Not doing it means potentially having a challenging, difficult experience with lowered diopters. Everything (!) is a matter of perspective, and part of your work is to get your visual cortex prepared to have a positive perspective and first experience with new, reduced diopters.

Below, from an entry today in the BackTo20/20 support forum:

Full post:

Hi again Jake,

So my new normalized and differential glasses arrived yesterday. I didn’t put them until today.

I chilled little over 20 mins without glasses, then I went out for a walk without glasses for 25 mins with beautiful sunlight and I even did 10 mins of barefoot walking during the end of the 25 mins.

After this I went to our parking lot, meditated briefly into our street sign and waited for the sunlight to shine into the sign, I did this mindfulness for roughly 5 mins.

Then I did it, I took out the new normalized, put them on and BAM, I saw everything so clearly, not even sure if I was capable of challenging my active focus that much because i saw so clearly! But maybe because it was so early in the morning. Regardless, AMAZINGly positive experience.

I also am wearing my new differential now and I can very nicely challenge active focus on both of my eyes, edge of blur.

My question now is, that when shall I continue patching my stronger eye now that my eyes are getting used to new differential and normalized?

I have to say I’m super happy with my progress so far!

Thank you for making this so easy for us students, I can’t thank you enough, I can’t wait till I get my vision back to 20/20 eventually. I have already went back over 10 years in my prescriptions!

But yeah please address my patching question. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ohh and here are the current prescriptions

Normalized: R -3 L -5.25

Differential: R -2 L -3.75

Cheers Jake and have a lovely saturday!

Remember to always reset before reducing diopters, and get the most from your journey of all the 20/20 gains.


I wonder if diferential and normalized keeping different ratio between eyes is a good idea, now paying attention at numbers :open_mouth:

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Thanks for the information! I remember reading it sometime this summer. I changed my habit that day. Now I try to get at least half an hour active focus outside most days before I put my glasses on. After working hard to read my small landmark sign at a distance without correction it becomes almost a luxury to see it with correction. Makes me appreciate my glasses. But it also make me appreciate what I can accomplish without them and with a lot of active focus. I start looking forward to the day I won’t need correction at all!

Is that correct? Why difference in the R and L ratio between norms and diffs?

Not really, that should be either R -2 L -4.25 or R 1.5 L-3.75