Replacing Idle Screen Scrolling: More Playtime!

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🥰 Build More Playtime Into Your Day! 👀

For anything to become a habit, it’s quite useful for there not to be much friction in your day to get around to it.

The harder it is to get to the thing, the less likely it’ll survive in the everyday grind of all the other things you have going on.

Got to make it easy!

To wit, your most favorite and oldest of all living eye gurus, the ole Jakey Vonder Jakenhausen, converted his front porch into a Jiu Jitsu gym. Which to say, really just some heavy duty gym EVA mats. Now all that’s necessary is to literally step out the front door, for the option of a nice roll. 😬

Keep tweaking your life little bits at a time, till all of the idle screen scrolling is replaced by willful acts of playtime! 😋👍🏻


I’m… jealous. This is too beautiful.


Love it!

I only have 2x2 currently :slight_smile:
It’s amazing that even with -5 SPH and -3 CYL it is still possible to practice Jiu Jitsu :martial_arts_uniform:

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