Retail Optometry, The Dark Side (Not A Conspiracy?)

Maurice Brummer, Optometrist. Expelled from his Optometrical Association for daring to say that glasses, when used as currently “prescribed” are a liability to people’s eyesight.

While there are good individual optometrists, helpful and open-minded, the establishment as a whole knowingly and aggressively tries to prevent knowledge about the risk of lenses of reaching the public.

This example is for Australia. The same is true for plenty of other places. Anytime an optometrist speaks out, quoting published and peer reviewed clinical science, they are threatened, silenced, punished for doing so. By the very institutions meant to oversee their practices and protecting the public.

Just as a little FYI. This sh*t is really going on. Not in the middle ages, but today. In 2020.


Wow. @jakey

He lives literally a 10 min drive from my house in Melbourne.
I’m returning back to Melbourne early next year and could help set something up with him if you like…Are you in direct contact with him?

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I get e-mails from him occasionally, yes.

I’m not sure how to put this, especially considering the limited contact and such. I had a vague notion that he may be an older gentleman, possibly a wee bit on the decline. At least I always had a hard time getting actual dialog happening - though that could also be entirely just due to the e-mail nature of things.

But yea for sure, open to suggestions.

I could probably also actually just ask if he wants to do a Zoom chat podcast episode. :thinking:

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yeh, he sounds old haha.
The little I can assume about him is that he’s probably pretty…opinionated. lol.
Lets see, I’ll be back in melbourne in early 2021 and happy to help setup mics / technical stuff.
It could be a cracker of an episode. Could be a flop.