Retinal détachement

Hi. I am Afaf from Morocco, I am 44 years old, thank you very much for this forum, I wear glasses for more than 32 years, I had a retinal detachment and tears at the age of 21, and I have treated using laser, I do check ups every years and everything is fine, I want to improve my sight using your method and I am in day 5 in the free course, and I want to know if in my case it is possible to improve my eyesight and if it is not harmful for my eyes. Tha k you so much

Can I get an answer please, I want to buy the course and still no answer
Thank you

First I recommend you ask your ophthalmologist whether there may be any harm.

Second, a search of “retinal detachment” of the forum brings up some things you may read.

Third, please read more on the process before you start anything so you understand the process and likelihood of success.

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Thank you very much, my ophthalmologist does not believe that anything can help reduces the diapeters hhhh unfortunately, I will read what you recommended me. Thanks alot and what else is possible? :blush::+1:

I would not expect the ophthalmologist to think it works, but you asked about harm. I would expect him/her to say it would not cause harm if you try. You must seek medical opinion and use your judgement on whether to proceed.

Inform yourself before making a decision.

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