Reverse blur adaption

So I’ve been experiencing an odd thing the last few months. My tolerance for blur seems to be diminishing. Last year with some of the experiments I did showed me that I have (or used to have) a great tolerance for blur and the ability to see lots of details when using too-weak prescriptions.

Recently, however, I’m finding myself using stronger glasses due to an intolerance for blur. It’s almost as if my brain/eye are tired of processing that blur to see edges and details and are insisting on sharp views!

Fortunately, my progression continues unabated (at an infuriatingly stubborn 0.25D per 4 months or so, no matter what I try to speed it up). And I’m still using lots of active focus to get that sharp view. I’ve confirmed this all via the meow-sure app and other methods. But it’s so strange, it’s like my eyes/brain are rebelling against blur.

Has anyone experienced this before? As in had your tolerance for blur drop dramatically?


I share this experience. I used to be quite content with 20/40-20/50 but now I need to use 20/30-20/25 for at least an hour a day. I used to enjoy pulling focus from pretty hard core blur, my eyes really responded well to the extra challenge, but that is much less the case now as well.

I can sympathize here too. Given the region I live in and the fact that I am unwilling to trade toes and fingers for a quarter diopter of improvement. So since I can only get my outdoor time in 5-6 months of the year, my annual improvements sit pretty squarely at .5 per year. But slow progress is better than no progress.


My opto correction used to be around 20/15 or 20/13. During my EM journey, I couldn’t really have normalised glasses with less than 20/20 corrections. So I always set my normalised to give me max 20/30 under the worst conditions (indoors, artificial lights, exhausted after a day spent in front of the screen)

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