Reversing High Myopia? -7.00 Diopters Down To -1.75 (Since 2017)

James goes from -7 diopters down to -1.75. Latest Shortsighted Podcast episode:


great one. I listened to it.
This guy goes waaay back 2017!
Good on him for finding it early.
Im imagining where I would be if I found EM in 2017

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Wow indeed! A very motivating story.

This amount of reduction in myopia is strongly supportive of the axial shortening hypothesis, as it is difficult to write this off to improved processing of input by the visual cortex alone. Again, what a pity we don’t have his axial lengths for 2017 and now.

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My memory betrayed me. There is a mention about -20D, but not about reduction to -3.5.
And this story has 90 years, not 95.

Sorry to confuse you next time.

I had not seen this. It has glaucoma in the mix - enough to mess up anybody’s vision.

I don’t mind being confused occasionally. :smile:

That was quite an amazing story.

I did, but still managed to make a mess of it :rofl:


Man I wish I had found it in 2017 but I started wearing glasses 2016 or 15 so I would have 20/20 by now