Right eye improving not as fast

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Should I wait for my weaker eye to see 20/20 on the Snellen chart before reducing?

I started with a prescription of OD:-5.5 and OS: -5.75. I started with differentials June 9th 2021 and my first pair of normalized the 9th of August 2021 (OD: -5, OS: -5.25) I started being able to see 20/20 on the snellen chart after some more differentials. Great! I ordered new normalized (OD: -4.75, OS: -5.0). While I was waiting for them to arrive, I started to look at the snellen chart with one eye closed rather than just with both eyes open. I realized that despite my being able to see 20/20 on the snellen chart, my left eye was the one doing all the heavy lifting, while my right eye had some noticeable blur on the chart. I ended up trying the new normalized (OD: -4.75, OS: -5.0), and found it uncomfortable, as my right eye had an even worse time with blurr, but my left eye was actually able to see fairly clearly which was shocking to me. I’ve been consistently measuring my eyes for weeks now at -5 for both eyes, but I find it strange that the right eye seems to not be able to see clearly at -5 despite supposedly, according to my optometrist, being the dominant eye. Perhaps my centimeter measurements are wrong. Long story short, I went back to the first normalized (OD: -5, OS: -5.25), and decided to order (OD: -5, OS: -5) in order to equalize and give my right eye a chance to catch up. Should I just continue with my first normalized and wait for my right eye to see 20/20 on the snellen chart? Is this even how it works if I can’t do much more active focus as I see fairly clearly outside now?

Thanks in advance, any help is much appreciated, and I hope this wasn’t too convoluted


You should wait to make sure your right eye can also improve.
You should equalize much later, when you are more experienced about reductions.

I would wear the first normalized until your -5 OU pair arrives. It’s already a big reduction from your “full prescription”. Since your eyes have almost exactly the same SPH I think your instinct to equalize now is the right one.

There could be something going on with your dominant eye being the one that looks at the screen harder most of the time, so maybe it’s getting more eyestrain than the non-dominant eye. I wouldn’t worry about it though.

When they’re within 0.25 like that, to me equalizing makes a lot of sense.

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Thanks for the advice! Really helpful!

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