Right eye weaker- should I patch left one when distance focusing?

I got LASIK about 8 years ago and since then I’m focused on maintaining good eyesight (since surgery reversal isn’t possible)

my question is this - Left eye - great eyesight.
Right one - it changes and I don’t feel like I see good enough with it (when I test it - there is a difference from the left eye).
I would like to strengthen my right eye’s distance focusing, would it be wise to put a patch on the left eye so that I have to focus with the right one on the distance?

Thanks a lot!

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Yes, you could try it.

Who said you LASIK is not reversible?
It is, instead you would do LASIK for “hyperopia”. But implications on the cornea aren’t known.

Don’t worry much - if you have presbyopia (even if you don’t have it) and/or abuse close up to introduce hyperopic defocus, your eyes, one or two, would deteriorate a bit at distance, too.

I know a person, she is with presbyopia now and her vision at distance was deteriorated from 20/15-20/10 to 20/25 (in one eye) and slight 20/20 (in other eye) at not direct sunlight. Even official optometry shown to believe it is reversible as it falls into emmetropic margin (-0.25 to +0.50).

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