Rising mist in front of relaxing eyes

Hi everyone. I had a really unusual thing happen today. While walking at 6am. I paused to active focus on a sign. The sun was behind the sign, slightly higher.
As I relaxed my eyes I had a ‘mist’ or ‘smoke’ appear in front of my vision literally rising and evaporating. I blinked and relaxed again and it happened again a second time. I couldn’t do it a third time.
Since it was already 27 degrees Celsius it certainly wasn’t steam (wasn’t wearing glasses) or refractive haze.
Has anyone experienced this before? Do you know what it is?

That…was paranormal activity, and you are lucky, lucky, lucky to be alive



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:grin:. Love it Kem. Thanks for the laugh!

Look like a form of PVD or posterior vitreous detachment. Appears in different ways - mine appears as rising mist