Rosy's Log - Starting from -10.75 (L) and -12.0 (R)

Hi everyone,

If I know anything about myself, it’s that having the support of a community will increase my chances of success… so here I am!

This is my 2nd time doing EM. The first time I got stuck with AF, so after a bit of discouragement I’m back (!), doing my best to approach things with beginner’s mindset.

I’m early on in my journey, but I already have a few questions.

First, my glasses are an old pair, about 0.75 diopters less than my contact lenses. I can see the 20/20 line in different lighting conditions, but I definitely notice that the text is clearer on sunny days. I also notice some blur in my general vision when wearing glasses on cloudy days, though it could also be high myopia lens distortion (things aren’t 20/20 unless you’re looking out of the exact middle of the lens). It’s hard to say. Which is why I’m wondering if you guys think I should get new glasses with the full prescription from my previous optometrist visit? Any insight from other high myopes? I hope that I haven’t become blur adapted.

I also wanted to pick the brain of other high myopes: is anyone practicing 20 minutes of no lenses in the mornings? I’m not finding it useful - not really noticing any sensations in my eyeballs. I think that things are just so blurry that my brain can’t even really recognize shapes for what they should look like.

You guys are an awesome community. Thanks for the support!


Use differentials for this one, instead. :grimacing:

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