Rough Guide still available?

I just finished the 7 day course again. It says I’ll get a link to the rough guide but the link only goes to the courses page and it isn’t available? I did get a b2 20/20 link but I don’t want that. I would be interested in the developers course as well but it is currently full.


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Unless you have a complicated prescription, the basics, properly understood, should be enough.

@Jakey limits the monthly number of BackTo20/20 participants, you’d need to wait…

I thought the rough guide is always available… but maybe @jakey can tell us more :slight_smile:

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Mentored Courses – Endmyopia Courses has a link to Rough Guide (Not For Sale) – Endmyopia Courses and there isn’t a link to purchase there. I do know the basics but haven’t made much progress so thinking I’m missing something. Double vision is the biggest issue that stops progress. I’ve tried everything on the forums with no success so thinking I must be missing something. If a little money finds that missing piece for me then it’s worth it.

I was in the same boat after the 7 days of emails. The link finally did come. Wait a few days.

My day 7 email came on the 17th and the link to Le Rough Guide came on the 25th.