Rubbing the eyes directly shortens the eyeball for a few seconds

I DO NOT RECCOMEND DOING THIS because i think it may be harmful to the eyes.

but maybe its relaxing if done softly.

But yes i did this experiment 3 times with measurements and for a few seconds i get around 3 cm additional distance in my text active focus.

Would doing eye rubs everyday help contribute to shortening to eyeball? or speed up recovery process?

The eyes need to adjust themselves over time for lasting effect. But to relax your eyes and especially your extra ocular muscles you could try this: Acupressure massage: Just a treat? Or substantially more beneficial? - YouTube

Seems like some very strong extrapolation. I think the improvement you have experienced is just due to the movement of tear fluid on your eye tbh. I don’t see a reason for rubbing the eye to shorten the eyeball, the eyeball can’t reduce in length that quickly, temporarily and then go back.


Not rubbing, but squeezing the eyes hard while closed and then getting better vision is actually a recommended vision improvement exercise from Indian non-EM youtubers. I guess you are pumping blood in your eyes? or even changing physical shape by force?
Only do it at your own risk as if one has any issues with the eyes such forces may cause damage to the cornea, and obviously one should never try it with contact lenses.

The other technique they regularly recommend is holding water in your mouth while focusing on something. That relaxes the jaw.