Ryan: -2.25 To -0.50 Diopter Progress Update

I posted this over in the Facebooks:

Like some kind of genius I already threw out the screenshots and too lazy to go grab them again. :joy:

So hopefully you do still have the Facebooks.

Like I say above … I really don’t get how this has not caught on at all, whatsoever. Outside our tiny, tiny little niche destination. So, so, sososo many people post updates, however weird it all is, this approach definitely works. And consistently.

Myopia is a huge, global issue (or, profit center?). And really, nobody, nobody at all wants to talk about this. It’s the f*king twilight zone up in here. :joy:


They have a saying in the Twelve-Step programs that I think is supremely applicable to Endmyopia:

It works if you work it.

To me, that’s Endmyopia in a nutshell.