Safe to ditch glasses every now and then?

I found that I can only achieve active focus when not wearing my -0.75 normalized. When I use my naked eye, I can go from 20/70 and active focus down to the 20/30 line. Does this mean I could sometimes go without my normalized glasses without messing up my gains?

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you!

Wow, definitely. From such low myopia, you absolutely can. Do whatever that improves your eyesight, including wearing your normalized sometimes.

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I know that comparisons are of limited value, but I’m intrigued by your numbers. You say that you can read 20/70 uncorrected by your -0.75 normalized. I can read 20/40 uncorrected (in best light) but am barely down to -1.0 normalized—in fact have worried a bit in this forum over my poor acuity with those normalized in low light and have lately even worn -1.50 in poor light a couple of times lately. So I’m at a constantly self-questioning stage after almost eleven months in EM, and I thus parasicially note other people’s numbers! Maybe some eyes react differently to correction than others do?

Sorry, I phrased that in a weird way. I can see 20/70 without glasses but 20/30 with -0.75 normalized. I am now able to “sniper stare” at the Snellen chart without any glasses and go from being able to read 20/70 down to 20/25. I’m hoping that this is a sign of progress, as I have not been able to achieve AF with normalized lenses yet.