Sander: From -5.00 To Martial Arts Without Glasses

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Hello Jake! How are you doing?

It has been three months since my last post, so it is about time to post an update :slightly_smiling_face: .

The past three months, we have had a good summer here with a lot of sun, and probably that has also influenced the substantial improvement of my eyesight :slightly_smiling_face: . The past months, I have only worn glasses while working behind my computerscreen and when driving a car. All other moments I easily spent without wearing my glasses in which I continuously grabbed moments during the day to train my eyes by performing active focus.

My eye sight have improved so much, that I have reached a milestone last month!

The past years, I have had to give up training Martial-Arts as I could not wear contactlenses anymore due to my dry eyes. My vision without contact lenses (-5!) was to poor to train without wearing contact lenses.

My vision is now that good that I have started last month training Martial-Arts again, but this time without wearing contact lenses or glasses! A huge milestones which I could not imagined to be reality one day when I started this program 11 months ago from now. Again Jake, a big thank you!

Now I am planning to order a new pair of differential glasses.
At the moment, I am at the edge of needing differential or putting the computerscreen close to my eyes. So it means that I still need differential glasses, but they could be my last pair of differentials.

And Sander’s centimeter log chart:

Pretty good!

Of course that’s not the standard average rate of improvement. Nice part either way that the difference between worst and best case scenario is just 20/20 gains, or more 20/20 gains. :wink:


Very impressive progress.

About martial arts, I’d like to say that I use neither contact lenses (it’s broken if you get poked in the eye by accident) nor glasses at all. Although being high myopic (-5), it never reduced my performance.

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What happened between March 2018 and April 2018? Just same habits?

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My guess is that it came with the territory. If you look around March, her measurements were a little above 40cm, which corresponds to -2.5 diopters. In April, that jumped to 60cm, which is down to -1.75.

Yup, just wondering what habits changed if any. In the post it mentions what she did the past 3 months which I believe are from June where I’m interested in what started in March.

I just got started in Oct so trying to pick up more ideas…

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