Science Deniers In Retail Optometry 🤭

“Science Deniers” - quite the interestingly apt description of some of the retail lens sales establishment’s narrative proponents.

It’s quite frustrating when people refuse to discuss science and studies and instead find every possible way to eschew logical discussion. The article here, some ideas to deal with this.


Interesting…I could’ve used a back pocket EM science facts cheat sheet last Thurs in consultation with my Lasik doc. My behavioral optometrist suggested I ask if my corneas changed since 2008 or if my increased Rx was due to cataract only. The Lasik doc said 100% cataract and f he does my cataract surgery he’ll do a Lasik touch up for free if he misses the mark…aye!

When I mentioned EM, the doc’s ‘scribe’ said that there is no way anyone can go from -5 to 20/20 … that we were all dealt a DNA set of cards and habits have nothing to do with poor vision (he was a lifelong gamer with 20/20). The only good that came out of it is by the 5th time I mentioned the website, he finally wrote it down.

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The ‘genetic’ argument is really interesting.

Is it technically possible that a population wide, global sweeping genetic change happened in the past few decades, specifically affecting eyesight?

Also interesting: how long does it take for genetic changes to happen?

And perhaps … is there any documented scientific evidence that myopia is a recently surfaced genetic condition?

(really interesting how somebody would pass a basic biology course and not be aware on the most basic level what time frame gene changes happen)


I read somewhere that we determine genetics. It’s kind of the opposite we always hear, that genetics determine us. I don’t know if I expressed it well in English, hehe.

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Very true, it’s the epigenetics. Simply put the choices we make in life and the stuff we expose our bodies to determines whether some genes become activated or not. So we do have a lot to say in to what extend our genes define us. We control the levers/switches on many occasions.