Second attempt after health issues

Hey everybody,

I finally want to start another attempt in my vision improvement journey after a longish period of poor general health. I’ve been participating BackTo20/20 in 2016.
See here: Boris: Started At -4.25, Reduced To -3.75 (in 40 days!)
and here: Astigmatic (Cylinder) Blur Vs. Myopic (Spherical) Blur

Unfortunately, @jakey kicked me out of the paid program and the facebook group after I started a blog (in german) where I talked about my experiences and general concepts of vision improvement. Jake said that my articles were mere translations of his work. Although I never copy-pasted any of his content, I made a lot of changes and added a bunch of references to endmyopia and other sources and kept the website and further improved my vision.

In 2017, however, I started a screen-only job and improvements stopped. Unfortunately, in 2018 I got health issues that even got worse in 2019. I had to dismiss a lot of my outdoor activities and my website. My eyesight was getting worse again. Now, my health is much better and I really want to start all over again and participate in the forum (Please don’t kick me out again, Jake :pensive: I’m sorry!).

Originally, I started to improve my vision in 2015 when I discovered basic principles of vision improvement (cm-measurements, snellen, active focus, lover powered correction for close-up) distributed all over (shady) sources in the internet, youtube and books. Back then, I did not know about endmyopia and the EM terms. However, I improved from
R: −4.75 −1.50 / L: −4.25 −2.25 in 07/2015
R: −4.25 −1.50 / L: −4.25 −1.75 in 10/2015
I stumbled upon endmyopia in 2016 and a lot of things began to make much more sense. I further improved to
R: −3.25 −1.50 / L: −3.25 −1.75 in 10/2016
which is my current highscore.

After that, however, things got worse again, especially in 2019. I was sticking to my lower prescription glasses for way too long. Sadly, my eyes are highly blur adapted now and I’m havin trouble with double vision with any correction and at almost any distance. Currently I’m wearing a
R: −4.00 −1.50 / L: −4.00 −1.50
as normalized which I will probably increase to
R: −4.25 −1.50 / L: −4.25 −1.75
in the next few weeks. At least, my eyes are getting some clear flashes from time to time and my ciliary muskels begins to relax a little bit.
A lot of inspirational contributions here made me to decide to start over again.

Thank you to all video contributors, especially @NottNott, @gemilymez and @Lloydmom! It really helped me to get motivated again :grinning:


Welcome back to the journey! Seems like there was quite a situation in the past, unfortunately Jake gets ripped off then bashed by people who go the direction you were going, it don’t sound like that was your intention but dude’s gotta defend his turf, right? Anyways should be water under the bridge now with special care for credit where credit is due. I look forward to hearing about your progress and I am very glad that you find student content as helpful as I do :blush: Always happy to help where I can :grin:


Inspired typo!

Really glad to be part of your re-motivation journey! Here’s to your EndMyopia journey 2.0!

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