Second introduction SusanK

Hello!! This is my second intro because I posted one last summer but waited to see an optometrist before getting new normalized specs. Have worn glasses for over 50 years; currently a higher myope (6, -5.75 at recent visit to optometrist). I’m inclined toward DIY health and self-care and am a bit cynical about the medical industry in general, so myopia reduction as outlined here just makes sense to me. I’m about to order my first normalized, having used a pair of differentials for a number of years (they were just called “computer glasses” at the time). Since last summer I’ve been studying Endmyopia essentials and now feel like I have a more confident grasp on them. Maybe you could check me on that. Here’s how I am going forth:

*Normalized will be reduced by -.25 diopters, each eye, from “regular” glasses. To be used to practice active focus daily in the spirit of working out. I understand this to be retraining the ciliary muscles to do what they started out doing before glasses; adjusting to different seeing conditions, before they got “stuck” from wearing glasses especially for close up work. I read a lot growing up, so there it is.
*Use differentials for close up such as laptop. For cell phone or reading my e-reader I just take off the glasses. I play around with the blur horizon on these devices with different kinds of print, and it seems to be a form of practice, but I think I understand that the longer distances with the normalized will yield the best opportunities to work out the ciliary.
*Expectations. I am immensely impressed with the stories of reduction, here, and in the videos. Many of you have made amazing progress, and some of you doing so are probably closer to my length of glasses wearing so I am confident I can do this if I stick with it. How long or even whether I can return to 20/20 remains to be seen. I would be happy to significantly reduce the lens correction to protect my retinas (which already have a few tears in them that have “healed over” as the optometrist says it). Gradual, slow progress to give eyes and brain a chance to adjust seems to be the key.
*Type of glasses. I’m taking seriously the suggestions to aim for glasses that don’t present a dark, thick rim around the lenses, and to go for a bit larger frame than the smallish ones. I’ve had both and wish the larger ones didn’t show off the lovely thicker lens edges with my correction level, but oh well!

I think that it, for now. I will aim to update as things progress. Thank you for reading!

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Thanks for the update, and good luck to you! Have you done your centimeter measurements, or are you depending on the optometrist to tell you what you can profitably reduce from? If I had depended on the optometrist’s standards I would still be vastly overcorrected, since her “prescription” in last November was 1.25 diopters stronger than the centimeter measurement indicated—and the latter was clearly valid, since I have since been able quite quickly to reduce .50 more diopters.

Thanks for your well wishes and your question. Had not thought about the over prescribing and will cross check before ordering normalized.

Don’t know the diopters for my old differentials but they fit the distance to the laptop screen!

Thanks for bringing that up!