Seeing blur on astigmatism chart while wearing differential

Precscription -3.75 -.75cyl and -3.75 -1cyl
I am wearing -2.75 differential and noticing blur from arms lenght in astigmatism chart, but jake says eliminating less than -1d is ok for differentials.
The blur is proportionate with my astigmatism degree
Any suggestions

When EM says that it’s OK to try and drop cyl up to -1D in one step, it doesn’t mean that there will be no blur at all. It means that if the cyl is not higher than -1D, in most cases the blur from the cyl drop will be manageable / clearable without too much effort.
This is almost always true for -0.25D and -0.50D cyls. It may not be true for cyl around -1D in case the cyl was not overcorrected by the opto and / or you already wore the cyl over a longer time and you got used to it / got dependent on it. In that case, to reduce the blur challenge you may want to consider adding back some sph for the cyl dropped (typically half of the cyl dropped) or consider dropping the cyl in 2 steps (4 steps if you are extremely conservative).
But the myopia reversal in EM’s style actually means to have some manageable blur that should not be too much blur to clear. If you never have moments / minutes / hours when you can see without blur and it lasts over a week or more then you most probably reduced too much.


Thanks :blush: for your answer it really cleared my doubts about my differentials