Seeing great distances

I spent the whole day yesterday in the magnificent mountains of the Priorat and Montsant domains of inland Catalonia. I made the decision to jack my lenses back up a quarter-diopter to give me “full-prescription” crisp long-distance vision (and no glasses at all within a restaurant, of course). It felt like the right thing to do, giving my brain a really memorable reminder of what super-distinct focus looks like.



A few indoor vistas were quite long, too, as in this dormitory of a medieval Cistercian house, the Royal Monastery of Poblet.


Those are beautiful vistas, thanks for sharing them! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful pictures. Is the “full prescription” measured by you or opto prescribed?

It’s the 20/20-producing lenses that I’ve arrived at after three diopter reductions. No opto was harmed in the choice and construction of these glasses!

Thanks for having me clarify that.

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Actually, now that I think of it, that last one almost looks live a medieval vision test, with the images receding into the distance.

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