Serious eye strain issue please help

Due to lockdown, online classes and approaching exams. I have been doing more closely than usual, due to classes and studies etc. Around two weeks ago I started developing this tension like headache that usually occurs after 1~2 hrs of close up or during the night after a whole day of work. I am already following the 20 20 20 rule, differentials but this build up of eye strain included headache is driving me nuts. The only symptoms are tightness and headaches around both sides of my head (temples). Are there any quick fixes or long term remedies I can do to relief this? My exams are coming in under a month and I do not wish to take my online exams with a throbbing headache.

Please help lol anything else i can do aside from spending more time looking into the distance or putting heat pads over my eyes?

I have read somewhere about how you should wear your distance glasses temporarily to try and reset the strain state. Any ideas?

This sounds like you are using wrong differentials for your distance or you dropped some cylinder, that could also be the case. Maybe you can say what is your full prescription, what diffs you are using at what distance, etc. Without knowing this it’s hard to say what could be the case.

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I’d recommend spending hours outside more than the 20/20/20 to do a complete reset. That extra bit of time away from close-up can help reduce strain and I know with exams coming up you’re probably thinking there is no spare time to spend away but you’ll be able to have better focus and concentration after your relax.


Luckily I have plans with friends outside all day tmr. Should help.

Full R -700 L -675 R-250 L-250

R -600 L -575 R -225 L -225

I am used to having plus 25 for cyl so I never had issues.

I sit at around 60~65cm away from the screen so thats kinda fine too. I think I really just need a few days of mo screen to reset this.

It’s also the final exams until I finish my undergrad degree so I am going extra ham…

I personally don’t see any problems with these diffs. I also have astigmatism and would say that whenever I drop some cyl I notice that for first couple weeks my eyes are more tired by the end of the day. Also I noticed that when I use pc screen for more than 10 hours per day frequent breaks and outdoor time really help to relax my eyes. However eyes are still tired when it’s more than 9-10 hours. I wish I could avoid it, but my work requires it.

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As the saying goes: “You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day, unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour.”
Sometimes you get so tensed up that you don’t even realise it. And when you relax you don’t move from level 1 tension to zero, but only from level 2 to level 1. So the blood circulation and oxygen is actually partially blocked all the time. You may get so used to it that you’ll only realise it when you first give yourself the permission to sleep in once the exams are over and it hits back 10x stronger as all the suppressed aches and pains surface…
Relax your neck and shoulders, pay attention to breathing properly. For some people it is the heat pad that helps, for others it is a cold pad (or a tablespoon kept in the freezer).
Often a bit of time taken for self-care have a better return than pushing for the last bit of energy, especially with mid-term or long term projects.


Heh, I always suspected the meditation people were mean-spirited, but that’s just cruel. :pleading_face: